The Ultimate Guide To Measure And Selecting The Best Toilet Seat

The majority of toilet seats do not have such a demanding duty. They open and close easily and are ideal for use on the toilet. It’s a quick and easy method to improve the appearance and functionality of your bathroom. Choosing the proper toilet seat can have a significant impact on your bathroom experience.

But before you go out and buy any old toilet seat, think about the material that best suits your lifestyle and décor enamelled wood, plastic, soft seat, or veneer. It comes in a variety of colours to set the tone, add texture, and blend in with the rest of your bathroom’s decor.  If you’re thinking about replacing your toilet seat, then the Pressalit toilet seat could be your preferred choice.


Pressalit Toilet Seats Come in a Variety of Styles

Pressalit toilet seats are divided into two categories. deciding between the two is simple for most people shopping for a toilet seat! You could choose the one that best fits your toilet. Of course, this is easier said than done, and it’s critical to grasp the differences between different forms to purchase the ideal toilet seat for your existing Pressalit toilet.

Toilet Seats with More Legroom: It is nothing but the elongated toilet seats and comes in an oval form. They are significantly longer than standard circular seats. Many people regard this form of toilet seat to be more comfortable as it has more space for keeping the leg. But it is a little bit expensive. The advantages of this oblong Pressalit toilet seat are the same as those of other forms, and it comes in a range of colours and materials. The length of an elongated toilet seat is 18.5 inches.


Round Toilet Seats: The round toilet seats are shorter and rounder as compared to elongated toilet seats. It is the most popular form of toilet seat you’ll come across while looking for the best toilet seat for your home. In general, a round toilet seat will be less expensive than its elongated counterpart. The round seat, which measures 16.5 inches in diameter, will also take up less space.

How to Measure Toilet Seat to Replace the Pressalit toilet seats

When it comes to purchasing a Pressalit toilet seat, the choice between round and elongated has already been made for you. Do you wonder which type of Pressalit toilet seats you need? Simply measure its length. Now how do you do it?

  1. Take a measurement tape or a long wooden scale (at least 20 inches).
  2. Locate the holes where the previous toilet seat is bolted into the toilet bowl.
  3. Measure directly down the centre to the front of the bowl from these bolts.

It is how you measure the length of the toilet bowl. Measure the dimensions of the existing toilet first. It will help you determine whether you need an elongated or round toilet seat. If the dimensions of the toilet seat are 16.5 inches then it is a round seat. If the dimensions come to 18.5 inches then it is an elongated seat.


It is easy to decide what type of Pressalit toilet seats you need for your toilet. If you face any issues in selecting the accurate Pressalit toilet seat then, contact My Toilet Spares on 01482 291992 today!

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