Make Your Aqualisa Quartz Showers Run Like New By Replacing Its Thermostatic Cartridge

Advanced showers like Aqualisa Quartz in a home can be a great source of comfort. It allows you to bask in warm water after a tiring day and make you feel refreshed. They’re great for a quick wake-up call! But any issue or malfunctioned spares in it might cause you distress! So what should you do when you find your Aqualisa shower leaking from the bottom? You know exactly what we’re talking about! Fortunately, there’s a fix to it. First, you can get each & every part to make the Aqualisa Quartz operate like a new one. Then, reassemble the spares, and you are all set!


Showers in the U.K. were plagued with so many problems. While everyone had a bathtub, only 60% of U.K. homes had showers. Archaic plumbing is still standard in many homes in the U.K. For the most part, this plumbing was gravity fed. Such Gravity-fed plumbing meant poor-to-low water pressure. It also causes the temperature to vary noticeably from minute to minute. If the pressure from the cold-water pipe decreased, then the flow from the hot water pipe would increase. Hence the water temperature is rising immediately. The solution to such a situation is adding an advanced Aqualisa Quartz shower system to your bathroom. You can quickly get it at My Toilet Spares in the U.K.


Aqualisa Quartz plays a significant role in the U.K. shower market. It is a wise selection in terms of water pressure, exceptional design & ease in installation. In addition, the product is customer-focused, and the manufacturers upgrade the products based on the client’s specific needs. But what happens if you are using an Aqualisa Quartz shower in your home, but it fails to work as it should be?


If you have an Aqualisa Quartz shower system and it is not working correctly, you can get the Aqualisa thermostatic cartridges from it. So no need to invest in a new Aqualisa Quartz shower system! The Aqualisa Quartz spare includes Aqualisa-thermostatic-cartridge, body, the Aquatique Thermo Temperature control lever, Cartridge Pink for combi Direct Hot water systems, Midas 100 Cartridge Service Kit, Thermo Concealed Thermostatic cartridge and much more spares are available easily online at My Toilet Spare marketplace.


With so many digital and apparently brilliant shower system on the market to choose from, you may be wondering which is the best option for you. You can select Aqualisa Quartz brand shower if you make your new bathroom or refurbish the existing bathroom. In general, the thermostatic shower cartridge lasts for two years. But if the water in your area is a little bit hard water, then the mineral deposits can dirty the cartridge before that.

In such a situation, you can call My Toilet Spare right away! They provide a complete set of spares you need at the best price. So that you can replace the things easily and make them operate like usual, it will ultimately provide a conventional showering experience. With this you will easily maintain the superb temperature & get a better water flow level.


My Toilet Spare was committed to helping you make your shower selection a pleasant experience. They offer a full range of Aqualisa Quartz parts and spares at competitive prices. Just give them a call, and they will be happy to assist you and have your Aqualisa Quartz shower working again in no time at all. For more information email at or call at 1482291992 .

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