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When Is It Time To Replace Your Toilet Seat?

When Is It Time To Replace Your Toilet Seat?

Are you considering installing a new seat & lid on your toilet because your existing seat isn’t working correctly? You may not need a new bathroom at all! A toilet can often be fixed by adding a seat only! You can upgrade your toilet seat 

The Benefits Of The Ideal Standard Toilet Seat

The Benefits Of The Ideal Standard Toilet Seat

You can solve more problems than you think by installing a toilet with Armitage self-closing Ideal Standard toilet seats. These are very much practical & noiseless substitutions to traditional toilet seats. Do you want to know why Ideal Standard toilet seats are suitable for your 

Why Duravit Toilet Seats Are Better Than Their Traditional Counterparts

Why Duravit Toilet Seats Are Better Than Their Traditional Counterparts

Toilet seats are a vital component of a home bathroom in terms of utility and design.It is a valuable addition to a property since it gives comfort and ease for daily toilet use.It is a healthy habit to use the optimal toilet.  You probably got numerous alternatives to choose from, but adding a new Duravit toilet seat could be an excellent choice to bring comfort & luxury to your bathroom. It might be a pleasant option, regardless of the form or style of your toilet or the number of times you use it on a daily basis! If you want to upgrade the existing Duravit bathroom or any other toilet seat, then you’ll want to understand how it can make your life easier.


The Duravit toilet seats are functional, and their modern designs make them operate in a most controlled manner. A single touch is good enough to operate it. These seats come with the most stylish hinges, and most people like to add a Duravit toilet seat to their bathrooms someday. For years, anyone who dealt with standard seats loved the novelty of such a slow close Duravit toilet seat.


Believe it or not, most homeowners & their family members are more pertinent to close the lid after installing a slow close Duravit toilet seat. Maybe it’s just easier and more convenient to operate and looks very luxurious! A soft close Duravit toilet seat is one that shuts itself as soon as you start to push it down.


Do you want to add a superior quality toilet seat to your bathroom?Duravit toilet seats could be the best option for you. The hinges aren’t like the ordinary toilet seat hinge that you find in traditional toilet seats. It is beyond the ability they perform to close your toilet seat slowly. The installation of Duravit toilet seats is not only effortless, but it is easy to remove as well.


The materials used in the Duravit toilet seat are high-grade plastic or vinyl materials. As a result, it is less prone to mould or mildew build-up than older toilet seats. You can clean or maintain it with less effort. Simply open the seat and clean the bowl to make the entire toilet remain spotless.

The essential feature of using the Duravit toilet seat is that it is safe for all family members. The kids and older members can close it with a touch of their figure tip. Soft-close seats are a must for households with small children, allowing them to use the toilet quickly. There is no risk of getting injured or trapped as it is soft to close, and the seat is very light in weight as well.


A new Duravit toilet seat often comes with a soft close seat feature. Its installation is a very swift process and anyone with tiny tools can do the job. Using the handy guide or installation manual makes its installation easy. It not only alleviates being alarmed but helps those who tend to sleep in the middle of the night. Duravit toilet seat is a comfortable solution for everyday use of the toilet.

My Toilet Spares have a soft closing seat solution for you, whatever the shape or style of your toilet! If you wish to add a Duravit toilet seat, browse their website today! For more information email us at [email protected] or call us at 1482291992 .

Common Mistakes People Make While Dealing With Ideal Standard Spares

Common Mistakes People Make While Dealing With Ideal Standard Spares

One of the worst problems you will face in your home is the broken or damaged toilet! Have you ever imagined living life without a toilet! Do you feel that one or more cistern parts in your home is not working as it should be? 

Factors To Keep In Mind To Decide The Toilet Seat For Your Bathroom

Factors To Keep In Mind To Decide The Toilet Seat For Your Bathroom

Having a toilet with a suitable seat is a great &flexible addition to your bathroom. It lowers the risk of falling, giving the person a greater sense of independence when looking after their hygiene. It really offers the luxury to feel confident and safe while 

How To Remove & Install Hudson Reed Thermostatic Cartridge?

How To Remove & Install Hudson Reed Thermostatic Cartridge?

Do you have a Hudson Reed faucet or shower that isn’t working properly? Whether you’re renovating your bathroom or doing a whole makeover, My Toilet Spare have got you covered. You can get every Hudson Reed spares at My Toilet Spare. You can replace the Hudson Reed spares with DIY approach. But taking the assistance of a plumber is the right idea.


Now the question comes is how can you install new Hudson Reed taps or spare parts? It is a kind of job which is not much difficult or expensive. If you use common sense and follow simple instructions, then installing new bathroom taps should be a simple project to complete on your own. Things can quickly go awry if you make mistakes, so follow the step-by-step guide kept inside the Hudson Reed spares packet. It will make the job of replacing the thermostatic cartridge in an ultra-cross water bath tap or multi-function shower easy.


The aesthetics of each alternative, as well as the type of system you previously had and the ease with which they may be installed, will all affect your decision. Let’s start by defining the two most common varieties of basin or shower taps:

Mixer Taps: The most prevalent type of basin taps found in modern bathrooms is a mixer tap. They only need a single tap hole to get hot and cold water. They can be operated by a single lever or two separate taps, giving you additional control over the temperature of the water.

Pillar Taps: Pillar taps contain two faucets, one for hot water and another is for cold water. These are the most common fixtures in a regular bathroom. Interestingly, it is prevalent in the United Kingdom, where people choose it for a bath or washing their hands with hot or cold water.


The process to remove & install the Hudson Reed thermostatic cartridge.

Of course, you’ll have to take out the old ones before installing the new ones. It might sound simple but need proper attention. The first thing you should do is turn off the water. If you don’t do this, you can imagine the water havoc in your home, so make sure the water supply is paused before you start working. After the water has been turned off, turn the taps back on to allow the system to dry. Remove the cover plate at the handle using the screwdriver. Then remove the cover plate, if any using the necessary tool. While you undo the nut, you might find it helpful to have someone else hold the tap so you can remove the screw easily.


Now you have the challenge to get the tap-and-shower- cartridges out. It can be difficult to get to this, especially under the bath, but perseverance& skill will help you get it done successfully. Remove the lock clip and then use some specialized tool to remove the cartridges. Don’t pull it forcefully as it may break. Now you are ready to replace the Hudson Reed spares cartridges. Ascertain that it is in the proper location and that it reaches the end point of your bath or basin tap connection.Make an effort to maintain your plumbing tidy.

Tighten both ends once you’re satisfied. It’s time to switch on the faucets and let the water flow smoothly. See if there is any water is escaping, look around the connectors and the faucets themselves. Installing some fittings with a plumber will cost a fortune, so doing it yourself will save you a lot of money.


You can buy numerous Hudson Reed spares at My Toilet Spares. To procure the precise thermostatic cartridge for ultra-cross bath tap or multi-function shower, contact My Toilet Spares today! They have an extensive assortment of Hudson Reed spares in their online store. Dial 01482 291992 to submit your order. For more information email at [email protected]  .

Method To Replace Your Existing Toilet Seat With A Modern Laufen Toilet Seat

Method To Replace Your Existing Toilet Seat With A Modern Laufen Toilet Seat

Do you have a scratchy feeling with your existing toilet seat? Are you planning to replace your existing toilet seat as it gets old? Do you wish to add some advanced toilet seats to your existing toilet bowl? Will you observe a loose movement around 

How To Select An Ideal Standard Concept Toilet Seat For Your Toilet

How To Select An Ideal Standard Concept Toilet Seat For Your Toilet

It’s not always necessary to hire a plumber to replace the toilet seat and hinges. It should only take a few minutes to remove the old toilet seat and its hinges. But first, you must choose the best toilet seat and quality hinges that hold 

A Quick Understanding Of What Is An Ideal Standard Cistern And Why You Need To Replace It

A Quick Understanding Of What Is An Ideal Standard Cistern And Why You Need To Replace It

A faulty and malfunctioning toilet cistern is the last thing anybody wants to deal with. But, sometimes this problem gets more complicated when you cannot know what type of toilet you have in your bathroom. So, how can you find the repair parts if you don’t know which ones will fit? Explained here are comprehensive toilet cross-reference tips that help you figure out which model toilet you have its brand and then how to find the parts you need to fix it!


What is an Ideal Standard toilet cistern?

Envision your toilet in shape like the letter “L”. The upper horizontal component could be the cistern of your toilet. It is occasionally called as a tank that holds the water needed to flush the toilet. These days, most modern toilets have the cistern directly mounted on the toilet bowl or connected very close to the pan is called a close-coupled toilet. The low-level cistern for traditional toilets is fixed just above the toilet pan and usually have a gap between them and the pan. One more style of the cistern is set high up on your wall above the pan. Ideal Standard cistern is the latest model cistern liked by most homeowners due to its comfort and simple features.


How does a toilet cistern work?

Ideal Standard cisterns are filled by having water enter the cistern via a supply pipe. A valve in the cistern controls the water supply for the system. This valve, controlled by plastic, that monitors the amount of water inside a toilet cistern, and it will open or close the valve when necessary to fill the cistern with water and check the water level. Once it is done then flush the toilet. It will allow you trace the issue easily. If there’s no water in the cistern, open the valve, and allow water to enter.


Why you need to replace a toilet cistern?

People want to replace their cistern for two reasons. One of them is the style you want to add, or there’s a fault. A cistern can develop complications for a variety of reasons, ranging from large-scale issues to a lack of upkeep.You may have a cistern issue if you notice certain difficulties with your toilet, such as your bathroom running – water constantly running into the bowl – or your toilet not flushing.If your cistern continues to fill with water, leaks may occur.A toilet cistern pulls water from a tank and puts it into the toilet bowl each time you wash.When a cistern stops working, the valves and mechanisms may be destroyed or damaged. To have your toilet running correctly again, the cistern will need to be removed or replaced.


How to replace an Ideal Standard toilet cistern

Once you’ve bought a new Ideal Standard cistern and unpacked it, you will find all the connections, screws, bolts and installation kit, including a seal. Most Ideal Standard cistern comes with the manual. It mentions how to add the accessories in the cistern, install it beside the wall, and attach it to the toilet. Check the process thoroughly, take the proper measurements and install the toilet cistern as per the situation needs.


My Toilet Spares offers high-quality Ideal Standard Cistern for the discerning customer in and around London. If you are searching for a reliable dealer to get a quality cistern, this is the right place to shop for an impressive Ideal Standard cistern and several other toilet seats. The quality of toilet seats & Ideal Standard cisterns they have in their online store is unmatched.

Why Do You Need To Replace The Toilet Seat Hinges

Why Do You Need To Replace The Toilet Seat Hinges

Do you feel uncomfortable with your existing toilet seat? Do you want to replace your toilet hinges due to specific issues? For example, will you observe or discover a loose movement around the toilet seat, or is it not opening correctly or making the sound?