Understanding The Fast Part Spares Of An Ideal-Standard Armitage Shanks Toilet Cistern

Ideal-Standard Armitage Shanks toilet seems to be one of the best pieces of equipment for your modern bathroom! All of us make use of it many times a day. But most homeowners never think about it until it fails to operate correctly. The negligence or lack of care makes the toilet fail to work at the worst possible time.


So it is wise to get some brief ideas about the fast part Spares of Ideal-Standard Armitage Shanks toilet. It will make you familiarize yourself with the toilet parts & how they operate. So that you can make the simple fixes and won’t need plumbers to help and save cash by avoiding those costly house calls, let’s find out some of the fast parts spares used in the Ideal-Standard Armitage Shanks toilet cistern.


Tank: The section of the toilet in the back that stores the water used for flushing.

Stop valve: It regulates the water supply to the toilet. It is placed on the cistern tank at the back of the bathroom.

Supply tube: This tube is attached to the stop valve. It carries water from the main water supply line to fill the tank.

Float Ball: It floats on top of the water inside the tank. It gives signals about the water level and stops the water when the tank is full.


Float Cup: It is found in most advanced toilets. It is placed on the stop valve of the body. It rises & falls with the water level. It closes when it reaches a pre-fixed height.

Refill Tube: The refill tube fills the tank with freshwater when the float ball reaches a particular level. The water supply is turned off when the float ball comes to the top of the tank.

Trip Lever: This lever lifts the flapper when the user pushes the handle to flush the toilet.

Chain: The trip lever is connected to the flapper via a chain.

Flapper: When the trip lever raises the flapper, suction produces the flushing action inside the toilet bowl.

Overflow Tube: This stops the toilet water from running over.

Wax ring: It is found underneath your toilet. It’s the foundation of your bathroom.

Trap: The trap is located underneath the toilet bowl. It separates the toilet from the main sewage pipe.

Closet bend: This part of the sewage line allows waste from the toilet bowl to leave the house.


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