Roca Soft Close Toilet Seat- A Great Addition To A Modern Bathroom

Years ago, toilet seats were produced to last for longer! People can use it to last for 10 to 15 years. But due to the poor-quality material and artistry utilised nowadays, such toilet seats won’t last long. If you are lucky, the toilet seats can last for three to five years.

So, it is wise to invest in a premium quality toilet seat that not only makes your toilet look good but last for much more years than the standard toilet seats. With this regard, you can select a Roca Soft toilet seat which will give an easy & safe toileting experience. At the same time, it will enhance the charm of your bathroom.


Toilet seats don’t come with expiration dates! It’s hard to get clear information about when to replace them. A good toilet seat should be flexible and last as long as twelve to fifteen years or even more. However, there may be a problem with the plastic bolts or hinges keeping the seat in place. But they are replaceable, and anyone can replace them conveniently. But major breakdown reduces the life of the toilet seat, and it will reduce its useful life. It will need a replacement soon. So, you must buy a heavier duty toilet seat such as a Roca soft close toilet seat that lasts for longer and is easier to operate.


The durability of the toilet seat is based on several factors. It may include the material used in the toilet seat, the quality of the hardware used to operate the seat, accidents and of course, the amount of use it receives. The outer plastic tends to crack after years of service. It needs to be replaced once it happens to a toilet seat.

Otherwise, it’s going to start causing problems for you. For example, padded toilet seats with cracks in the plastic have been known to pinch people in the butt. Nobody wants that! Apart from that, the cracked toilet seats might be challenging to clean. Hence it becomes a best hiding place for nasty bacteria. Adding a Roca soft close toilet seat can be a way to get rid of such a thing for years.


The Roca soft close toilet seat comprises superior quality materials, and it can resist maximum use. It never makes sound and can close with a simple touch of your figure. The premium quality hinges and bolts that attach the seat to the bowl enhance the lifespan of the toilet seat. It is suitable for children and older adults in your family. Porcelain made Roca soft close toilet seats will last 15-30 years, and with a bit of care, it can even last for thirty add years.


If you want to add a comfortable and long-lasting toilet to your bathroom, don’t forget to add a Roca soft close toilet seat. You can order it from My Toilet Store. They will provide the Roca soft close toilet seat with its shape and size. Please call them today to know more about their product lineup. For more information email at or call at 1482291992 .