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The Benefits Of The Ideal Standard Toilet Seat

The Benefits Of The Ideal Standard Toilet Seat

You can solve more problems than you think by installing a toilet with Armitage self-closing Ideal Standard toilet seats. These are very much practical & noiseless substitutions to traditional toilet seats. Do you want to know why Ideal Standard toilet seats are suitable for your 

Why Do You Need To Replace The Toilet Seat Hinges

Why Do You Need To Replace The Toilet Seat Hinges

Do you feel uncomfortable with your existing toilet seat? Do you want to replace your toilet hinges due to specific issues? For example, will you observe or discover a loose movement around the toilet seat, or is it not opening correctly or making the sound? 

Four Reasons To Have Soft Close Toilet Seats

Four Reasons To Have Soft Close Toilet Seats

Soft close toilet seats are a functional and calm option in contrast to conventional toilet seats. The advanced and practical plan implies that this toilet seat close softly due to the soft close toilet seat hinges in a controlled way without needing help. We have illustrated the fundamental reasons why a soft close toilet seat is an agreeable and supportive expansion to any restroom.


Negligible Noise 

Soft close toilet seats are exceedingly difficult to slam and will not cause a noisy clack should you lose hold of them. If contrasted with loud conventional toilet seats, a soft close seat makes practically no clamour, settling on it an extraordinary decision to guarantee privacy in your restroom. In addition, the soothing noise of these seats is useful for families having little youngsters who face specific difficulty with shutting seats appropriately without losing their hold.


Soft close toilet seats can likewise help families where late-night restroom trips are a customary event. If relatives need to utilize the restroom frequently during the night, a soft close toilet seat is a more watchful alternative that lessens the danger of commotion upsetting those sleeping. In addition, the availability of the plan makes it more agreeable to use for anybody visiting the toilet in the rest so that everybody can rest comfortably.

Simpler Maintenance 

Soft close toilet seats are less challenging to clean than their customary partners. This is because they regularly accompany a fast release system, which permits you to remove the toilet seat. This lets you clean the toilet all the more completely without grappling with the seat, assisting you to eliminate grime and dirt quickly.


Most soft close toilet seats have been manufactured from microbe safe plastic or vinyl. This makes them less in danger of form or mould development in contrast with older toilet seats. Thus, they do not need such continuous cleaning.

More secure Use 

Soft close seats are apparent necessities for families having kids, permitting them to utilize the toilet efficiently without the danger of fingers getting harmed or caught by a substantial seat. If contrasted with conventional toilet seats, which are easily opened and shut too powerfully, a seat with soft close toilet seat hinges closes at a controlled pace without any force. In addition to the fact that this slow shutting makes less commotion than traditional styles, it also limits the seat’s effect on the toilet. The rehashed sway brought about by pummeling a customary toilet seat shut can cause harm to your toilet bowl over the long haul. A soft close seat retains the shock of this effect, lessening the danger of damage to both the toilet and the actual seat.


Simple Installation 

If you purchase another toilet, you will see that they regularly come with a soft close seat. Installing a soft close seat to a current bathroom is an exceptionally speedy and straightforward measure, in any event, for DIY lovers. If you have a level head screwdriver, you will discover most soft close seats are straightforward to introduce or remove.

Soft close seats are a resource for any washroom, giving an agreeable answer for ordinary utilization of the toilet. Whatever the shape or style of your bathroom, you can have such a seat.


If you presently have such a seat and require soft close toilet seat hinges, it is ideal to contact My Toilet Spares. From their online store, you can have bathroom fittings and accessories at an affordable price. Contact them at 01482 291992 to place your order.

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Soft Close Toilet Seat Hinges- An Easy Alternative To Operating The New Or Existing Toilets

Soft Close Toilet Seat Hinges- An Easy Alternative To Operating The New Or Existing Toilets

Do you find your toilet seat is broken or cracked, some of its parts are out of order? Is it behaving wrong or wobble and move around when sat on? You can eliminate all such issues by adding a new soft close toilet seat or 

Seven Reasons To Use Soft Close Toilet Seat

Seven Reasons To Use Soft Close Toilet Seat

You can tackle a more significant number of issues than you might suspect by introducing a toilet with a soft closed toilet seat. These are pragmatic and calm options in contrast to customary toilet seats. The practical and current designs imply the seat shut in 

How to purchase the best toilet seat hinges in the UK

How to purchase the best toilet seat hinges in the UK

It seems like it is an easy task to buy toilet seat hinges, yet it is, in reality, more required than one might suspect. There are specific exciting points to consider at whatever point you are buying new hinges. Here you will find the essential subtleties that will permit you to settle on the ideal decision to suit your taste.


Know the size of the toilet seat hinges

Toilet seat hinges all appear to be something similar; however, that is not the situation. There are standard sizes of hinges; however, there are various sizes from which to pick. Assuming you have spent the cash on a costly toilet, you will run the danger that the store will not offer a hinge made for that brand. Either you need to make a special order, or you should settle for another style.

To know the size of the toilet seat hinges, measure the length of the present set on the toilet seat. The width of the toilet seat hinge seldom plays a factor, except if you have a designer toilet seat. Pop the cap where the screws cover up on the pivots and tally the number of screws. It is likewise wise to quantify the distance between the screws.


Picking the right hinges

The expense of toilet seat pivots is generally reasonable. Figure out which hinges of the toilet seat are accessible in the size you need, just as the number of screws and distance between them. The rundown will unquestionably be a lot more modest. Whenever the cost is a factor, wipe the styles out of your value range. The accompanying toilet seat pivots are styles you may run over:

Plastic: Inexpensive, not entirely rugged however effortlessly supplanted

Metal: A vastly improved looks, solid and somewhat expensive, yet reasonable

Designer: More costly and typically made for explicit brands of toilets

Pneumatic: Expensive; however, these hinges for the toilet seat prevent the seat from smashing down. However, they are available in restricted sizes

Rod and Hinge: Expensive, yet you can ordinarily size it for any toilet. It is a one long metal arm with hinges appended.

Find toilet seat hinges ideal for your toilet, and then consider the feel or usefulness of the hinges.


Establishment of the hinges

You need to remove the old toilet seat by popping open the screw cover and eliminating the screws. Place the new hinges on the toilet base and screw the base hinge into place. Replace the seat and append the top hinge to it.

How to have the best toilet seat hinges in the UK

If you are contemplating where you can purchase such hinges, it is wise to be at the online store of My Toilet Spares. They have a comprehensive combination of such fittings made by reputed manufacturers. It is generally simple to purchase from their online store. You can choose and submit an order from the same page. They do have a clear-cut merchandise return policy, which permits you to return items if not appropriate for use. If you have any queries, you can call them on 01482 291992 and clear your questions. If you have any prerequisite for any nature of toilet spares or accessories of reputed make, do call My Toilet Spares and have the item conveyed to your doorstep.

Three Aspects To Consider While Selecting The Best Toilet Seat Hinges

Three Aspects To Consider While Selecting The Best Toilet Seat Hinges

Hinges are a fundamental piece of a toilet the fixes the seat with the bowl. At the point when you purchase another toilet seat, the hinges accompany the seat. Yet, through regular use, it might so happen that you require buying spare toilet seat hinges