The Signs That Reflects Your Thermostatic Cartridges Or Mixing Valve Has A Problem

A thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) or cartridge bridges the hot water in your system and the water that comes out of taps or showers. In a couple of ways, it protects the hot water in your shower system.It enables your system to keep water at a temperature high enough to keep microorganisms away.

The thermostatic cartridges or mixing valve in the Bristan taps regulates the water temperature. When all is well, the thermostatic cartridges or mixing valve of your Bristan taps work seamlessly. It may, however, develop issues that prevent it from performing as intended.So, what are the symptoms of a faulty valve?


The water temperature isn’t right

Have you ever notice that the water in your shower unexpectedly starts to run hotter than it should? It may happen due to If the thermostatic cartridges or mixing valve stops working appropriately! The fact that excess hot isn’t the only clue that signify something is wrong.

Sometimes, a failing of thermostatic cartridges or mixing valve makes the water too cold. faulty thermostatic cartridges also affect your cold tap where you find the tap runs warm or hot rather than cold. It may happen due to the blockage of the valve or the thermostatic cartridge of the Bristan tap. It may be blocked or may have moved out of position. It’s possible that the thermostatic element has failed or that the O-ring has been damaged. Their could be a delinquency with the water pressure or its flows through the valve.


The water doesn’t flow normally

A change in the way your water flows out of a tap is the first indicator of a thermostatic cartridge problem with Bristan taps.There might be a reduction in water flow or pressure!Your water can start to run slowly all the time.You might only be able to get a trickle of water out of the tap. Or, the water is running at reduced pressure or water can’t run freely.

It happens because the valves or the part of the thermostatic cartridge of the Bristan taps are gummed up with debris or scale. Corrosion in older valves might cause them to become blocked.It’s also possible that it wasn’t properly installed in the first place.


You will find leaks or drips

If you have problems with a TMV & thermostatic cartridge of the Bristan taps, then you sometimes see drips. It implies that all isn’t well. Water may leak from the valve’s components, and there may be water on the floor beneath it.It could be a symptom of corrosion or a poor seal. Even when the shower is turned off, a malfunctioning valve or thermostatic cartridge can cause it to drip.  It happens as they are not in the right position or, you may have a problem with the valve’s seals or cartridge.


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