Getting & Installing Your New Toilet Seat Fittings (Hinge And Lid) Is An Easy Affair

The toilet seat hinges are one of the pieces of a toilet seat that wear out over time. They are located at the rear of the toilet seat. It is a useful toilet seat fitting that serves to raise and lower the seat. But over time, these toilet seat fittings (hinges) break or wear out. It will need a replacement.

There is no need to replace the entire toilet seat if the toilet seat hinges are broken. You can make your toilet fully functional by replacing only the hinges. You can swiftly replace your toilet seat hinges if you have some appropriate tools and extra parts with you.


Installing your new toilet seat hinge and lid could be as simple as reversing the procedure of removing the old one. However, before installing the new toilet seat fittings, it’s usually a good idea to read the directions thoroughly. The installation method, like removing the toilet seat fittings, varies based on the type of toilet seat you’re installing; Different types and brands of toilet seats come with different toilet seat fittings. When you know what you’re doing before you start, the installation process will be considerably easier!


Make sure to keep the nuts loose throughout the installation of your new toilet seat and lid to ensure it will fit properly. Making excessive tight at the initial step while fitting the seat can limit the changes you wish to make. When you’re happy with the final position, fully tighten the nuts.If you’re using plastic nuts, you may not need to tighten them all the way.

Overly tight plastic nuts are more likely to break.Plastic nuts that are overly tight may break more easily. If you need to remove or adjust your toilet seat later, overtightening metal nuts could cause problems. So do it carefully.


There’s a lot more that may go wrong with your bathroom fittings & fixtures than just a broken or old toilet seat. Flushing issues, running water in the tank, and dampness around the toilet fittings are just a few of the issues that can affect your toilet.

 Booking a home plumbing inspection is a fantastic way to ensure that your toilet  is in perfect working order. They will examine everything carefully. It will give you peace of mind that your toilet seat & cistern is in good working order.


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