Is the Hudson Reed Thermostatic cartridge Failed or Failing? There are solutions for you

Temperature/mixer cartridges (thermostat cartridges)regulate the temperature of the water and are the fundamental “engine” of a mixing shower.It can compensate for changes in the temperature and/or pressure of the incoming water supply in order to keep the blended temperature at a set point.Any problem with the Thermostatic cartridge causes temperature variations in the water.It’s possible that the thermostatic element has failed or that there’s a problem with the O-ring.

You could also have a problem with the valve’s water pressure or flow. Knowing what you’re working with makes it easier to disassemble and fix!


Symptoms that indicate your thermostatic cartridge has either failed or is failing.

Do you find your Hudson Reed tap & shower spares may not be functioning properly as they should be? Are you unable to regulate the water temperature or do you find it is stiff while moving the shower or the tap when you try to adjust the temperature? Do you find only cold or only warm or only lukewarm or only hot water coming from the Hudson Reed shower or the tap? We can say it as a whole that you are unable to regulate the water temperature! It is a simple indication that the thermostatic cartridge has either failed or get weaken. When attempting to alter the temperature, stiffness in the knob is another sign to look for.


What went wrong with the thermostatic cartridge?

Multiple causes make the cartridge may have failed! It may be irregular cold pressure and heated hot water pressure.  It is a common issue found in Hudson Reed tap and shower. It may bring damage to the thermostatic cartridge which is housed within the valve. Thermostatic cartridges are extremely fragile. So, any debris can damage the parts.

Another reason could be down to muck in the system. Perhaps the plumber used flux to join the pipe and it may not be flushed thoroughly. Due to the delicate nature of thermostatic cartridges, the debris can damage its part. Cartridge failure can also be caused by hard limescale build-up.


Due to the large choice available, replacing your Hudson Reed tap and shower spares cartridges for a new one can feel like a daunting task. Vot to mention the seemingly endless technical considerations. The thermostatic cartridge is one of the most common parts to fail on a Hudson Reed tap and shower. Fortunately, the costly element in your bathroom can be repaired by procuring the genuine Hudson Reed spares available in the market.

However, it is wise to consult a qualified trades person before commencing any plumbing job. Or you can contact a supplier to know more about its core sensitive elements that work together to keep the temperature under control or adjust where necessary. 


At My Toilet Spares, we stock a wide range of thermostatic cartridges & shower valves including Hudson Reed spares, so you’re guaranteed to find a valve that fits with your bathroom decor. If you still need some assistance, simply remove the existing cartridge carefully and send us the photo via Whatsapp or email. We will contact you soon and provide the right Hudson Reed spares to make your shower & tap operative. For more information email us at or call us at 1482291992 .

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