Replacing The Thermostatic Valve Makes The Bristan Taps Function As New

The bathroom is one of the most familiar places in your home. It’s a place for quiet, introspection, and relaxation after a long day and planning for the next one. But, unfortunately, it’s a place where people are in a hurry. Adding some extr feature may make your time spent in the bathroom can make you fresh. In this regard people like to add Bristan taps to get a water at a pre-fix level while they take shower.

you faced issues with temperature control in the early days of power showers. Still, it’s a part of our shared experience in the world of modern showers. You can get rid of such issue by adding a Bristan tap to your bath room.


The convenience of use, durability and easy replacement make the Bristan showers the focal point in most of our bathrooms. It is a thermostatic shower release water at a pre-fixed temperature. Soit will not hurt you. So, what exactly is a thermostatic shower, and how does it function? There are many questions about this shower type. My Toilet Spare has made a complete guide to help you understand how thermostatic showers function and what you need to know before buying one.


Are you upgrading or renovating a bathroom on your property? You will have choices to make about various fixtures. For example, when replacing a thermostatic shower, you may be asked if you prefer a thermostatic valve model that fits best with your Bristan taps model. The significant benefit of using the Bristan tap thermostatic shower valve is the ability to achieve more subtle temperature and volume adjustment.


These two components operate independently of one another. It not only makes showering a more pleasant experience, but it helps you conserve your water. A thermostatic shower is a mixer shower with a thermostatic valve that maintains a constant water temperature. A thermostatic shower is distinguished from others by its thermostatic valve. A thermostatic valve controls the temperature of the water in your Bristan taps.

Combining hot and cold water, it maintains a consistent and regulated temperature. It prevents scalding and cold shock, making it extremely well-suited to families with young children or the elderly. Therefore, it is known as a safe &multi-generational shower accessory.


DO you feel your shower is prone to running too hot or cold or if the temperature frequently changes? Do you have a issue of  frequent external water pressure? A thermostatic shower could be the answer to such situations. The thermostatic valve in the Bristan taps instantly reacts to a change in water temperature& pressure. It will adjust the water to get it to its pre-set temperature. This avoids the threat of scalding or cold shock. In addition, it will immediately change the mixed water to return to the pre-set temperature. This feature makes a thermostatic shower the most reliable and controller-friendly.


Are you considering upgrading or renovating the Bristan taps of the shower system in your property? You can do it by replacing the thermostatic valves inside it. But make sure the job is done right. My Toilet Spare is the house to several thermostatic shower valves.

You can find a valve that fits best with your Bristan taps in your bathroom decor. Call My Toilet Spare use their easy online form to schedule an appointment. They can answer all your questions, give you a fast work estimate,to fix your issues in no time. They will solve the Bristan taps thermostatic valve dilemma in no time.

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