The Reason Why Toilet Cistern Is Overflowing & Leaking

The toilet in your bathroom is one of the items that you use multiple times a day! But, for the most part, people avoid thinking or talking about it. A suitable toilet and toilet cistern can make the time you spend on it more comfortable. It saves your water and frequent plumber visiting charges. On the other hand, the wrong bathroom can mean leaks, clogs, smells, and general discomfort.


What will you do if your toilet or cistern fails to function as it should be? Nothing is annoying like an overflowing toilet & it needs an emergency repair. It can be a huge disaster and make their lives worse! But, it is a genuine inconvenience and should be treated right away. The consequences can be severe, including water damage, mould growth, and more.

Pay attention or contact your pros as soon as you see a problem. Homeowners may be able to repair an overflowing toilet on their own in some cases. If you understand how your bathroom works, then you can diagnose & fix the issue. Or you can explain the problem to the professional you contact for assistance. My toilet Spare offers the necessary toilet cistern spares that help you fix the issue in no time.


Three things cause an overflowing toilet cistern. It overflow due to a clogged or blocked drain or an inadequately fitted float. The proper flush prevents the blocked vent pipe. It will remove the air in the tube after each flush.

Clogged or Blocked Drain: Detecting a clogged or blocked drain is relatively straightforward. Rather than spilling from the tank, water will overflow from the toilet bowl, causing a huge mess. Therefore, it would be beneficial if you treated the clog to prevent the overflow.For most clogs, a plunger and some elbow grease will suffice.


Blocked Vent Pipe: If your toilet clogs more frequently, it could be due to a clogged vent pipe. External air is pushed into the plumbing system via a vent pipe to replenish the air pumped with each flush. Your toilet won’t flush accurately if it is blocked, resulting in an overflow. A professional plumber’s abilities and abilities are generally required for this.


High Filler Float: Water will pour out of the bowl due to the first two causes of an overflowing toilet. A high filler float causes the leak in this scenario in the toilet cistern. If the filler float is too high, the tank will fill with too much water, causing leaks from the sides. The remedy to this you can do by adjusting the float level control mechanism in the tank. It may be a good idea to install new parts or replace anything that has become worn out over time.

Most toilet tank leaks happen in three places: the spud washer, the fill valve or the bolt gaskets. Fill valve issues may be the reason why the toilet gets flushed twice. The spud washer is the seal that connects the tank to the bowl. Every time you wash, water rushes through this region.


If the leak worsens as you flush, your spud washer may need to be fixed. If the leak occurs every time there is water in the tank, the bolt gaskets are most likely to blame. Gaskets and washers on each of these parts can deteriorate over time. Any of these components can be replaced or repaired by a professional plumber.


Overflowing water from a toilet can be pretty alarming. Are you having problems with an overflowing toilet cistern? Please don’t take it lightly! An overflowing toilet may appear to be a straightforward issue to resolve. However, keep a close eye on how frequently it happens! Call on your trusted plumbing professionals immediately in case of a tough clog or constant recurrences. For all of your toilet cistern part needs, give a call to My Toilet Spares at 01482291992. email at today. They are open seven days a week & have everything for your toilet renovation projects.