Repairing The Toilet Tank Lid Or Cistern Lid Is Easy Replacing It Is Even Easier

The cistern lid is the topmost part of your toilet tank that covers all the mechanisms inside your tank. Such toilet tank lids can break, crack or chip with age or wear and tear. If there are one or two cracks or breaks, it can fit together with simple ceramic glue. However, if a cistern lid is broken into many small pieces, replacing it with a new one is wise.


First Step-Remove the broken toilet tank lid. The broken cistern lid may be dropped around and inside the toilet tank. Stay careful when opening a toilet tank lid for repairs. It should not be dropped into the flushing mechanism. Instead, place it upside down on the bath towel on top of a table or countertop to protect the pieces from banging together and potentially causing more damage to the lid.

Second Step- Keep the broken parts together as carefully as possible. Begin from one side until all of the pieces fit together perfectly. Apply glue inside the damage or cracks to seal a fracture in a toilet tank lid.


Third Step- Pull the piece a little bit farthest from each other. Use glue on the left part along the break line and set it carefully.  

Fourth Step – Hold the pieces in place for about a few minutes for the glue to start bonding. Then, press them together from both sides.


Fifth Step- Moving from left to right, adhere each component with glue in the same manner.  

Sixth Step – Allow 24 hours for all pieces to dry. Replace the toilet tank lid on the tank the next day. 

Seventh Step- If the finish on the surface of the lid facing upwards has chips, fill the gaps with glue on the outer side of the cover while it is in place. It will protect your hands from being scratched by sharp edges. Fill the fissure with enough glue to make it level with the surface. Apply the glue into the cracks and make it look good & feel smooth across your cistern.


Eighth Step- Remove the excess glue off the top of the tank lid with a wet cloth. The excess adhesive on the inside of the cistern lid will not be visible unless the lid is removed.

Jointing the crack in a cistern lid is a time-consuming endeavour. It is best to replace the cistern lid as soon as a break is evident. Get in touch with My Toilet Spares and mention your need regarding the cistern lid. They will be happy to provide the best cistern lid that fits best to your toilet. For more information email at or you can call at 1482291992 .