Identify Your Toilet Seat & Finding The Correct Toilet Seat Sizes

Is there a standard toilet seat size?”Are toilet seats a standard size?” is a simple question with a simple response. The answer is, regrettably, no. Toilet seats, unfortunately, do not come in regular sizes. Many standard close toilets come with a round-shaped pan or D-shaped pans. Not all toilet seats fit the same? Toilet seat fittings are available in a range of designs.


Some have a bottom fix (from beneath the fixing holes).  In contrast, others are top fixing (typically necessary when access to the bottom of the pan is restricted, such as with a shrouded toilet). It is gaining popularity in most bathrooms in the UK.


Toilets can vary significantly by shape, such as square, angular, round, D-shaped and other sizes. Each toilet seat will come with its instructions. Is there a standard toilet seat size? Toilet seats don’t come in regular sizes, which is understandable.Regardless, it’s one of the most popular bathroom search terms on the internet.Following these steps will help you choose an appropriate toilet seat:


The first thing you need to do is find out the actual shape of your toilet pan. Is it a Round shaped (curving outwards from the hinges and then back inwards to form a circular edge)?Is it D-shaped (where the hinges only turn inwards to form a continuous arc)?Is it square (both sides perpendicular)? Or is it something else which is entirely different?The second step is to take measurements of your toilet.Determine the size of the toilet seat that will fit the bowl using a measuring tape.


To determine the exact size of your Ideal Standard toilet seats, you’ll need to take four fundamental measurements

  • Length-: Measure the length of the bowl from the seat bolts to the outer edge of the front edge, or from the holes in your toilet to the very front edge. For your information the Elongated bowls should be 18 to 18 1/2 inches long, while round bowls should be 16 1/2 inches long.
  • Width—Measure the diameter from edge to edge or the widest point of the toilet pan.
  • Height—Measure the distance between the holes and the cistern or wall..
  • Measure the distance between each fixing hole’s centre. 5 1/2 inches is the standard measurement which you should check.

The above information will give an idea regarding the shape and set of toilet dimensions. The toilet dimensions (both length and width) factors most in judging the Ideal Standard toilet seats. It may be anywhere between 350mm – 500mm. All that remains is for you to begin your search.


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