What Should You Look For While Selecting A Toilet Seat?

Toilet seats can vary significantly by shape: square, angular, round, and D-shaped design. You should not buy an elongated toilet seat if you have a round bowl, and you should not buy a round Laufen toilet seat if you have an elongated bowl. Other variations are available, such as heated toilet seats and padded toilet seats.

You have to consider several things such as shape, brand, comfort & much more things before selecting your toilet seat. All such options make the old toilet seat replacement very confusing. Here are a few things you should consider before choosing a suitable toilet seat for your toilet.


Shape of toilet 

Toilet seats don’t come in one size. They are divided into two types: circular toilet seats and elongated toilet seats. Each one corresponds to a specific toilet bowl type. In most households, round toilet seats are still the norm, and they’re the toilet seats you’ll see the most.  However, elongated toilet seats, which feature a long oval shape, are becoming more popular. So, when you go shopping for toilet seats, figure out whether your toilet bowl is circular or elongated so you can shop accordingly.

Soft close

Late-model toilets come with a soft close seat. It comes with a standard spring mechanism that ensures the seat will close slowly. It won’t make the seat slam and minimize wear and tear on the toilet pan and the seat itself. Laufen toilet seats are a great option to add comfort to its users. It can be a good addition if you have children or older adults in your home. However, it will need to be treated with due care. You must ensure that the spring doesn’t get damaged. It means you should not force the seat down while closing.



You can mainly split toilet seats into two categories for materials used in making the toilet seats. It may be plastic or wood. Plastic toilet seats would appear more popular due to their low price. It comes in different shapes & sizes. It is known for its high degree of durability. The Laufen toilet seat comes in such a range, and it is very light in weight. It comes in a range of finishes & offers excellent resistance to scratches. Of course, it will add appeal, warmth & charm to your bathroom.


look for adjustable hinges that fit best to your toilet seat. Laufen toilet seats come with top fixing hinges and a handy lift-off mechanism. It makes the installation and cleaning a breeze. It enables the toilet seat to close smoothly, giving your little ones their very own independence.


Toilet seats come in numerous styles, so whether your bathroom is sleek and modern or cosy and traditional, you’ll be able to locate the right seat for your toilet. However, if you are still weighing up your options, why not buy a Laufen toilet seat for your new or existing toilet! When it comes to toilet seats, the best advice is to ensure you buy your toilet from a reputable online seller like My Toilet Spare.

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