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Choose The Right Toilet Cistern Spares

Choose The Right Toilet Cistern Spares

If your search is in the line of toilet cistern spares, then here at our store, you will find top brands of spares to choose from. You can choose the space you need. We have always prioritized quality first and continue to do so, which 

Repairing The Toilet Tank Lid Or Cistern Lid Is Easy Replacing It Is Even Easier

Repairing The Toilet Tank Lid Or Cistern Lid Is Easy Replacing It Is Even Easier

The cistern lid is the topmost part of your toilet tank that covers all the mechanisms inside your tank. Such toilet tank lids can break, crack or chip with age or wear and tear. If there are one or two cracks or breaks, it can 

Recognize Your Toilet Seat Options- Invest On The Best One (Cooke And Lewis Toilet Seat)

Recognize Your Toilet Seat Options- Invest On The Best One (Cooke And Lewis Toilet Seat)

Have you ever had a toilet seat that was not up to par?Do you know the difference between having a satisfying toilet session and not having a satisfying toilet session?You’ll need a toilet seat that’s appropriate for the level of comfort you’re providing.The most significant advantage of a good toilet seat is the amount of comfort it provides.This is especially important for persons who spend a significant amount of time on the toilet. Furthermore, different types of toilet seats offer different benefits.


When compared to non-padded seats, padded seats are usually more comfortable.You can also purchase heated toilet seats to keep your bottom warm.It’ll come in handy all winter long.For the elderly and physically challenged, raised toilet seats are the ideal alternative.

In your toilet, faulty toilet seats should be avoided Poorly built or low-quality toilet seats are inclining to wiggle & move while you sit. It is uncomfortable for the users as well. A less sturdy toilet seat is expected to break or crack creating the requirement to replace it sooner or later. You should find a toilet seat that will not make you feel comfortable but look good and last for longer. Cooke and Lewis toilet seat is an option before you that satisfies your specific requirement.


Toilet seats come in a variety of brands and types, and you can spend as much or as little as you want.Having enough information about the different accessible toilet seat alternatives will help you make an informed selection when choosing a new toilet seat. However, you can consider a few questions before making a purchase:


  • Do you have an elongated or round toilet basin?
  • Do you like a hard or a soft seat?
  • Is your restroom a high-traffic place or one that is rarely used?
  • Do you have any senior citizens in your family?
  • Is there anyone in your family that is psychically challenged or obese?
  • Are you a person who lives in a chilly climate?


So, if you can answer these questions, you’ll be well on your way to purchasing the greatest toilet seat on the market. How can you find the best toilet seat accessible such as Cooke and Lewis toilet seats today? It is available at leading online stores like My Toilet Spares.

If you buy a Cooke and Lewis toilet seat from My Toilet Spares, you can rest assured that you will have a better toilet experience than previously. For any support or inquiry call them at 01482 291992 today! For more information email at customerservice@mytoiletspares.co.uk or call at 1482291992 .






Are Toilet Seat Fittings Standard Size- Finding The Suitable Toilet Seat

Are Toilet Seat Fittings Standard Size- Finding The Suitable Toilet Seat

Toilets have many moving parts, and most of such features get used quite rigorously. You probably won’t know how many times your toilet seat is raised and lowered over a year. However, if you think of it like five times a day as an average, 

How To Maintain A Toilet Seat

How To Maintain A Toilet Seat

The toilet seat has a regular presentation to pee that can fall both on and under the toilet seat, causing yellow stains and a disagreeable smell over the long haul. It can also cause damage to the bracket and other parts attached to the seat. 

Seven Considerations To Consider While Selecting The Best Rak Toilet Seat

Seven Considerations To Consider While Selecting The Best Rak Toilet Seat

Might you need to change your toilet seat since it becomes old or possibly, as you desire to give your washroom a good look? However, you cannot just walk into a plumbing store and have a toilet seat of your choice, as there are varieties of toilet seats available at reputed plumbing stores and various considerations to consider. The selection of a toilet seat is something that you ought to do precisely while considering different factors other than look and efficiency. Reputed plumbing stores in the UK have made accessible Rak toilet seat, which will suit your taste and monetary arrangement.


How to select the best Rak Toilet Seat

At the point when you intend to pick the best toilet seat made by Rak, at that point, you need to consider the below seven considerations. Permit us to analyze a bit of those.

Think about the stylistic layout

While choosing a toilet seat, it is staggeringly crucial to consider the toilet’s intricate plan, theme, and current shades. It is trivial to express that the seat in like way ought to synchronize with the bathroom model. It is possible for you to have access to collections of Rak toilet seat at reputed plumbing stores in the UK, which will meet your basic expressive format and style.


The shape of the restroom

The shape of the toilet needs a fair idea when you need to have an ideal seat made by Rak. It is a confirmation from reputed plumbing stores in the UK that whatever be the state of the toilet, you can discover one, which will coordinate. They have kept the expense moderate, and customers do not have to pay anything more for seats, which are not of the shape that you generally notice at plumbing stores.

The material of the seat

The material of the toilet seat also requires thought. Plastic, wooden, ceramic and padded seats are the superior options. Plastic seats are robust, affordable and available in a variety of shades, including white and dark shading. They stay cool all through the year. Wooden seats are in like way excessively recognizable, as they remain hotter. Regardless, they are expensive than plastic ones and can have harm or stain through toilet cleaners.


Then again, the padded seat is ideal for individuals who are recuperating from any operation. Nevertheless, if you want to add style to your washroom, it is beautiful to have ceramic seats. Reputed plumbing stores in the UK have all such combinations of Rak toilet seat, which you can find, at their online store.

Simplicity of cleaning

Toilet seats develop scratches and collect dirt. Cleaning and maintenance ought to have considered amid the affirmation. Plastic seats are less challenging to clean than wooden ones. Additionally, the joining of pivots besides energizes the cleaning process. Reputed plumbing stores make it attainable for you to have Rak toilet seats, which are not hard to clean. You can also have spares of such seats from them as well.


Identify your necessities

Choosing what you require from the toilet seat will help you to settle on a choice. Do you have a kid, or would you say you are clumsy and profit from a soft close toilet seat? Do you require a seat that would not be hard to take out for perfect cleaning? You may want to have one that has treatment with Anti-Bacterial arrangements to guarantee a spotless surface.

Whatever might be your necessities, you will discover such a toilet seat from reputed plumbing stores in the UK.

Ensuring the cost is correct

You may not comprehend the sum to spend on your new toilet seat, so set your financial plan before you try to buy. If you need to add accessories, you should have a budget to spend more. In addition, weigh out what number and highlights you require and see what seats are inside your financial plan.


Take a gander at sensibility

Having features like a secured flush seal to clear out, spreading germs, a self-lighting toilet seat to abstain from turning lights at night, or self-shutting pivots that prevent seats from being open are accessories that may need to consider. They add reasonableness to your restroom, and the toilet is fun choices for youngsters.

It is wise to consider these aspects and be at My Toilet Spares, a reputed plumbing store in the UK, to have Rak toilet seat of your choice. You can order online and have those paying an affordable price. Call 01482 291992 to speak to their representative and place your order.

The Most Effective Method To Choose The Best Toilet Seats

The Most Effective Method To Choose The Best Toilet Seats

It is safe to say that you are considering changing the toilet seat. Perhaps you are thinking about such because you need to give your washroom a decent look. For the most part, you can discover a seat as per your longing from reputed online 

How To Clean A Rak Ceramics Toilet Seat Like A Pro

How To Clean A Rak Ceramics Toilet Seat Like A Pro

How frequently does the shade of your urine-stained toilet seat humiliate you? Since the toilet is perhaps the most disparaged spaces of a house, it is not surprising to see the porcelain seat stained. While an average homeowner invests extensive measure of energy washing the 

Six Aspects To Keep In Mind To Select The Best Toilet Seat

Six Aspects To Keep In Mind To Select The Best Toilet Seat

Toilet seats can give an unrivalled, tasteful completion to any washroom where they happen to be. You may need to change the Ideal Standard toilet seat you have in your bathroom for various reasons. There are reputed plumbing stores in the UK where you can even have Ideal Standard toilet seats discontinued in the market. When selecting the sort of toilet seat for your restroom, it is essential to remember the accompanying six components.



Even though there may be a wide range of variations, ordinary toilet seats can have classification into four unique classes: Two-Piece, One-Piece, Wall Hung, and Smart Toilets. Two-piece toilet seats are incredibly common.

In this arrangement, the bowl and the tank came independently and joined during the establishment cycle. A one-piece is when the two segments come together. They are simpler to clean.

Wall hung toilet seats have an installation on a divider with the tank introduced in the divider. These give a neater and more insignificant completion when contrasted with two-piece and one-piece toilet seats. Then again, Smart Toilet seats accompany different highlights like a water stream, temperature settings and more that can have control by the user.


Not according to space 

These are presumably quite possibly the main components to consider while picking a toilet seat. The rough-in space gives you a thought regarding whether your seat would find a way into an allotted space.

The rough size of floor-mount toilet seats is the separation from the divider to the bolts on the floor used to introduce the seat. The most well-known rough in size is 12 inches. However, a few washrooms have 10-inch or 14-inch rough-ins.

Space to introduce the seat

If you have a little space to work with, the ideal toilet seat for you would be wall-hung. The tank has installation in the divider, and all that is noticeable is the bowl and flush plate. These toilet seats look far more unrivalled than common two or one-piece toilet seats and occupy undeniably less room.


Spending plan 

A one-piece toilet seat is marginally more costly than a two-piece. If you have the spending plan and searching for genuine extravagance and highlights, the ideal toilet seat for you can be a Smart seat from Ideal. These come stacked with a wide range of highlights like seat temperature settings, water temperature settings, and even spa/massage choices!

Bowl Type 

Toilet seat bowls typically come in two unique shapes: elongated and round-shaped. The two accompany their upsides and downsides and compensate for a vital factor when selecting a seat.

The vast majority feel that an elongated seat is considerably more agreeable to utilize when contrasted with around one. Anyway, what you get with a round bowl type is better space usage. These toilet seats are not as lengthened and, in this way, occupy less room, making them the ideal fit for the individuals who have less space to work around with.


Flush Performance and Saving of Water 

The sort of toilet seat that fits your best changes radically dependent on the kind of flushing framework you are searching for. Flushing innovation has developed massively in the most recent couple of years, as more individuals are conscious about their influence on the world and its assets.

While there are more things to remember when settling on a toilet seat ideal for you, these are probably the most fundamental elements. When one remembers them, they will get a toilet seat that genuinely meets their requirements and style. The seat you pick goes far into moulding your washroom, making it critical to realize the basics before getting one.


For having Ideal Standard toilet seats discontinued in the market while keeping the above aspects in mind, it is wise to contact My Toilet Spares. They have an online presence, and you can order to have those delivered to your doorstep. Call at 01482291992 to place your order.

Things To Know Before You Purchase Toilet Seat Buffers

Things To Know Before You Purchase Toilet Seat Buffers

Toilet seat buffers are little pieces that give a pad between the toilet and the seat. You will find these buffers at the lower part of a toilet seat, which avoids the seat from sliding when you sit on it. The cushions additionally help in forestalling