How To Fix A Toilet That Leaks At The Base When Flushed

When flushed, do you observe any leaks between the tank and the bowl or near the base? Loose tank bolts, cracked bowl, worn-out gasket in the tank or bowl, broken closet flange, worn-out wax ring, or even a damaged flush valve can cause a leaking toilet. Finding the source of the leak is the first step in solving the issue. Let us find out why the toilet leaks from the base.


Do you mark some leaks from the base of your toilet after flushing? It may be a fault in the wax ring! Repairing the wax ring is the solution to the leak issue. First, you need to remove it from the toilet. Then, you must swap out the wax ring for another wax ring or rubber gasket to remedy a toilet dripping from the base. Let’s watch how you change a wax ring on a toilet.

Remove the water line to the toilet

Find the valve that turns off the toilet. It can be found predominantly on the left side of the toilet’s back wall. Clockwise rotation of this valve. Pull the push/pull valve outward to stop water flow to the toilet tank if you have one.


Unfilled the toilet tank

Hold the lever while flushing to force as much water as possible. The toilet tank lid should be removed and kept in a safe location. Next, check to trace if there is any remaining water at the bottom of the tank! Use the sponge to absorb the remaining water. Look for the water supply line that runs from the shutoff valve to the tank’s base. Now disconnect it.


Remove the toilet

You must drain the water from the toilet bowl’s bottom before removing it, or the removal process will result in a messy situation. Fill the bucket with the water that the sponge has absorbed. Never forget to wear your gloves. Using the wrench, loosen the two nuts on each side of the toilet. Remove them completely with your hand.


Once the nuts are out, lift them off and place it on its side on the newspapers. Disconnect the drainpipe with the rag/towel to prevent sewer gasses. Now remove the old wax ring and throw it away, as wax rings cannot be reused. Inspect the status of the toilet flange. If it is damaged or worn out, replace it. It is simple to replace a toilet flange, especially now that the toilet is shut off. The replacement wax ring or gasket seal can now be installed.

Install the toilet

Now it is time to replace the toilet. To do this, take the rag or towel out of the drainpipe. To align the bolts with the two toilets’ holes, raise them above the flange and gently lower them. Holding the Twyford toilet spares by the bowl with both hands after it has sat on the flange will allow you to rock it and gently push it down to engage the wax seal fully. Then use the wrench to tighten each bolt after adding a washer and nut. Cut the bolts off with a hacksaw if they protrude too far above the nut! On the nuts, attach the plastic caps.


Reconnect the toilet water supply.

It’s time to reconnect the water supply line to the toilet tank. First, depressurize the tank by opening the water shutoff valve. Next, check for leaks at the toilet’s base and flush the tank frequently. Now put the toilet tank lid back on.

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