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DIY Bathroom Upgrade: A Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Roca Toilet Seat Hinges

DIY Bathroom Upgrade: A Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Roca Toilet Seat Hinges

A well-designed bathroom is a sanctuary, and every detail matters. One such crucial element is the toilet seat. My Toilet Spares , a renowned name in bathroom solutions, brings not only exquisite designs but also durability and functionality to your toilet area. In this article, 

Comfort and Style Combined: Exploring the Design and Features of Roca Soft Close Toilet Seats

Comfort and Style Combined: Exploring the Design and Features of Roca Soft Close Toilet Seats

In the realm of bathroom fixtures, Roca has long been synonymous with innovation, quality, and style. The My Toilet Spares Ltd epitomize their commitment to providing functional and elegant bathroom solutions. With a focus on seamless design and advanced technology, these soft-close hinges offer a 

A Few Easy Steps To Replace Or Adding A New Toilet Seat

A Few Easy Steps To Replace Or Adding A New Toilet Seat

Replacing a toilet seat is not a big project! Neither does it needs any handyman assistant to do it! A little demonstration and reading the installation manual make it easy to install. Anyone can do it if they have some basic tools and skills.

Expert plumbers can demonstrate how easy it is to install the toilet seats or its hinges. Do you intend to swap out your toilet seat? Do you wish to replace it because the hinges are damaged? The complete toilet seat doesn’t need to be changed if there is an issue in the hinges. You can replace the toilet seat hinges to make the toilet seat operate like new. Even if you’ve very limited DIY skills- still you can get the job done in 15 minutes.


Replacing toilet seat hinges is an easy, affordable, and exciting assignment for anybody who requires a fast bathroom upgrade. Materials you need are:

Toilet seat: Purchase toilet seats at your neighbourhood hardware store or online. Cost anywhere from $10 to $100 or even more. It comes with nuts, bolts, and hinges for installation. The two primary sizes offered for purchase are standard (spherical) and extended toilet seats.

Toilet seat hinges: If you wish to replace the toilet seat hinge then you should purchase the entire toilet seat set. You can purchase only the toilet seat hinges of a different brand at My Toilet Spare. They are the home to almost all toilet hinges such as Ideal Standard Armitage Shank seat hinge, Twyford seat hinge, Villeroy & Boch Seat Hinges, Vitra Seat Hinges, Roca Seat Hinges, Pressalit Seat hinges, Axa Hinges, Karamag seat hinges and much more you wish.


Equipment: Wrench, measurement tape, fastener to open the o, hacksaw blade, safety globes, fresh bolts included with the seat.

Follow the Instructions to replace a toilet seat hinge and toilet seat:

  • Clean the old seat, rim, and bowl; close the lid;
  • Locate the two bolts holding the lid to the bowl near the rear of the seat.
  • You might need to remove plastic caps that are covering them.
  • On the underside of the lid, there are 2 long bolts that are held in place by nuts.
  • Use the wrench to pry the nuts off of the bolts.
  • When the seat and lead are removed, the toilet’s rim is exposed and has two tiny holes at the back.
  • Throw away any components from your old seat that you no longer need.
  • Your new seat must be attached to it with two hinges and bolts, most likely a set.
  • Two hinges and bolts, maybe a set of rubber grips and a set of plastic or metal nuts, must be attached to your new seat.
  • Align the rubber grips with the hinges before placing the new seat on the bowl.
  • Align the two holes on the back of the rim with the bolts.
  • After inserting the bolts through the holes, secure the new seat and lid onto the bowl.
  • Ensure that the new seat is well affixed to the rim.
  • Thread the new nuts onto the bolts that you found on the lid’s bottom.
  • Tighten the bolts with the wrench until the new seat and lid are securely fastened and the lid is immobile.
  • Now you are done


If you are looking for high-quality toilet seat hinges online, then it is recommended to contact My Toilet Spares. They are one of the leading sources for all toilet seats including Ideal Standard, Armitage Shank, Twyford seats, Villeroy & Boch Seat, Vitra Seat, Roca Seats, RAK toilet seats and much more.

Please call My Toilet Spare at 01482 291992 today! You can email at customerservice@mytoiletspares.co.uk for further details.






A Simple Guide For Choosing The Right Toilet Seat For Your Bathroom

A Simple Guide For Choosing The Right Toilet Seat For Your Bathroom

The quality of your visit to the bathroom is affected by the toilet and toilet seat you select. Have you ever thought about the significance of the bathroom in your daily life? You should give essentials to choose the most comfortable toilet seat possible. Additionally, 

How To Fix A Toilet That Leaks At The Base When Flushed

How To Fix A Toilet That Leaks At The Base When Flushed

When flushed, do you observe any leaks between the tank and the bowl or near the base? Loose tank bolts, cracked bowl, worn-out gasket in the tank or bowl, broken closet flange, worn-out wax ring, or even a damaged flush valve can cause a leaking 

Cersanit Toilet Seat- The Best Addition To A Modern Bathroom

Cersanit Toilet Seat- The Best Addition To A Modern Bathroom

Are you planning to replace your existing toilet seat? Replacing a toilet seat is a relatively straightforward task. A DIY novice can tackle it with a few simple tools. If your toilet won’t flush, then that’s another type of problem that an expert plumber can fix. Replacing the existing toilet seat with a Cersanit toilet seat will enhance your toilet’s aesthetic or functionality. You won’t have to worry about its replacement again for a while because it is durable & functions well for longer. It will give you extra peace of mind!


Different finishes and concerns to contemplate while choosing your toilet seat. You are using the toilet seat every day. So take time to pick something that suits your needs and your style. To replace the toilet seat, you must know how to measure the shape & size of the toilet seat. You must be aware of the type of toilet seat that fits your toilet bowl. So that you can procure a suitable toilet seat for your existing Cersanit toilet. Once you find the correct size & select the perfect style, it is time to get the old toilet seat off.


How do you know the size & shape of your toilet seat? Are the toilet seats standard size? There are three different styles of toilet seats: round-shaped, D-shaped, and pointed oval shaped. By looking at it, you might be able to identify which one your Cersanit toilet is. They come in different sizes as well. Measure the toilet – to find whether the Cersanit toilet you procure fits your existing toilet accurately. The Cersanit toilet seat you replace won’t get loose or break. It will last a lot longer.


While deciding to replace the toilet seat, there are a few other things to remember. First, you have to careful about the  toilet seat’s materials and hinges. The more popular and conventional hinge style is one with a bottom fastening. It contains two bolts that go into the bowl of your toilet. Under the seat, you must tighten them. Top fixing hinges are employed when there is no access to the bottom of the bowl. It is mostly found in contemporary toilets.


Quick-release hinges allow you to take the toilet seat and lid off the bowl. It makes it easier to clean the toilet. Soft close Cersanit toilet seat hinges feature a hygienic, slow-release system. It cuts out any annoying slamming noises. The Cersanit toilet seats are designed to close slowly, so they have special plastic plugs that fit into two holes in the middle. It will slow down the closure mechanism!


Call an expert plumber to diagnose and trace the issue in the toilet seat. You can do it as well. The only thing you need to do is find the precise toilet seat that works properly. Make sure that replacing your toilet seat is the last thing you need. Then place your order by calling My Toilet Spares anytime. Replacing a Soft, closed Cersanit toilet seat is a suitable job even for beginners with some essential tools. For more information email at customerservice@mytoiletspares.co.uk or call at 1482291992.






Toilet Syphon Spares: Bringing Ease To Toilet Usage

Toilet Syphon Spares: Bringing Ease To Toilet Usage

Having to use a toilet with incomplete spares may come with its disadvantages. A good example is a broken toilet seat that throws your balance off it while using it. Likewise, you may sustain a muscle strain after using the toilet. However, you do not 

Quality Toilet Seat Hinges Ensure The Toilet Seat Runs Smoothly

Quality Toilet Seat Hinges Ensure The Toilet Seat Runs Smoothly

One of the most significant parts of a toilet seat that wears down over time is the hinges. They must operate in order to prevent unwanted toilet movements.The toilet seat’s back hinges are positioned there.They’re used to raise and lower the center of gravity .Over