A Few Easy Steps To Replace Or Adding A New Toilet Seat

Replacing a toilet seat is not a big project! Neither does it needs any handyman assistant to do it! A little demonstration and reading the installation manual make it easy to install. Anyone can do it if they have some basic tools and skills.

Expert plumbers can demonstrate how easy it is to install the toilet seats or its hinges. Do you intend to swap out your toilet seat? Do you wish to replace it because the hinges are damaged? The complete toilet seat doesn’t need to be changed if there is an issue in the hinges. You can replace the toilet seat hinges to make the toilet seat operate like new. Even if you’ve very limited DIY skills- still you can get the job done in 15 minutes.


Replacing toilet seat hinges is an easy, affordable, and exciting assignment for anybody who requires a fast bathroom upgrade. Materials you need are:

Toilet seat: Purchase toilet seats at your neighbourhood hardware store or online. Cost anywhere from $10 to $100 or even more. It comes with nuts, bolts, and hinges for installation. The two primary sizes offered for purchase are standard (spherical) and extended toilet seats.

Toilet seat hinges: If you wish to replace the toilet seat hinge then you should purchase the entire toilet seat set. You can purchase only the toilet seat hinges of a different brand at My Toilet Spare. They are the home to almost all toilet hinges such as Ideal Standard Armitage Shank seat hinge, Twyford seat hinge, Villeroy & Boch Seat Hinges, Vitra Seat Hinges, Roca Seat Hinges, Pressalit Seat hinges, Axa Hinges, Karamag seat hinges and much more you wish.


Equipment: Wrench, measurement tape, fastener to open the o, hacksaw blade, safety globes, fresh bolts included with the seat.

Follow the Instructions to replace a toilet seat hinge and toilet seat:

  • Clean the old seat, rim, and bowl; close the lid;
  • Locate the two bolts holding the lid to the bowl near the rear of the seat.
  • You might need to remove plastic caps that are covering them.
  • On the underside of the lid, there are 2 long bolts that are held in place by nuts.
  • Use the wrench to pry the nuts off of the bolts.
  • When the seat and lead are removed, the toilet’s rim is exposed and has two tiny holes at the back.
  • Throw away any components from your old seat that you no longer need.
  • Your new seat must be attached to it with two hinges and bolts, most likely a set.
  • Two hinges and bolts, maybe a set of rubber grips and a set of plastic or metal nuts, must be attached to your new seat.
  • Align the rubber grips with the hinges before placing the new seat on the bowl.
  • Align the two holes on the back of the rim with the bolts.
  • After inserting the bolts through the holes, secure the new seat and lid onto the bowl.
  • Ensure that the new seat is well affixed to the rim.
  • Thread the new nuts onto the bolts that you found on the lid’s bottom.
  • Tighten the bolts with the wrench until the new seat and lid are securely fastened and the lid is immobile.
  • Now you are done


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