The Real Cause Behind Putting The Toilet Lid DOWN

Men are expected to use toilet seats to urinate and attend to their natural needs. Therefore, it should be put down after every use. We usually never open it with a fear of finding something unpleasant inside. Though it may be the case sometimes, still closing the toilet seat is a part of toilet etiquette. Yes, what you read is correct. Not only this, there are a few more reasons why every one of us should close the toilet lid after we are done. Read on to know more.


To stay away from the germy area.

Do you know that all the dangerous bacteria from the toilet rise into the air when you flush with the lid? It has been discovered that bacteria carried by faeces can cause diarrhoea. it can come out when you flush the toilet. These germs can adhere to toilet bowl walls and other things in the bathroom. You must therefore keep the toilet lid closed to prevent contact with these dangerous microorganisms. Never take a chance, and keep the GSI toilet seat close while you flush and when you are not using it!


​It’s a requirement of toilet manners.

No matter how well you maintain them, toilets are often unpleasant. Your bathroom will look cleaner if the toilet seat cover is closed. It also saves people from watching the unpleasant stains inside the toilet.

Pet’s safety.

Believe it or not, pets love the cool air, the funky smell and the mysterious toilet bowl. Pets often wet themselves in the toilet bowl. This endeavour can occasionally be harmful. They are also susceptible to illness in addition to self-harm. Additionally, pets have a habit of consuming water from the toilet. It can make you sick when they touch you. Please get rid of it by adding a GSI toilet seat to your toilet.


To protect the children.

If you have children, a toilet lock is essential. Children falling into toilets happens frequently. A little child or newborn could fall upside down into an open toilet. Sometimes they can suffer severe injuries. To ensure the safety of any minors present, toilet lids must be kept closed.


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