Helpful Ideas To Procure The Right Type Vitra Toilet Seat That You Are Looking For

The toilet seat you choose can have a significant impact on the design and feel of your home.It’s difficult to know where to begin with so many options, including various colours, shapes, and materials. Choosing the ideal toilet seat for yourself might be a little stressful and perplexing with so many alternatives available on the market nowadays. Understanding a few factors will ensure you make a better decision while procuring a Vitra toilet seat.


In general, there are two types of toilet seats on the market, and one can select the one that best meets their needs. One is standard close and the other one is a soft closed toilet seat.

  • A standard close Vitra toilet seat can be contemporary or traditional in style and can come in a variety of materials and finishes. They are simple to install and can be used in a variety of bathrooms.
  • A soft close Vitra toilet seat is designed to give a gentle closing mechanism for the seat and lid so that it does not slam against the bowl when you let go. It will add a feeling of luxury to any bathroom. It is a good idea for family bathrooms, as it helps to avoid trapped fingers.


Understanding the variety of toilet seats is essential if you want to find the best toilet seat for you.Is the size of all toilet seats the same?No, while toilets come in a variety of shapes, not all toilet seats fit the same, so make sure yours does before you buy.  When selecting a toilet and toilet seat for a house or business building, there are a few factors to consider.


My Toilet Spare can assist you in selecting the appropriate toilet seat for your bathroom. They have a huge stock line-up where you find Vitra toilet seats of different shapes and sizes. Some of the Vitra toilet seat shapes are:

  • RoundVitra toilet seats: It is the most common shaped toilet seat available in the market. Most traditional toilets usually require a round-shaped toilet seat. Elongated toilet seats and round Toilet Seats are the two styles of toilet seats available.
  • Elongated VitraToilet Seats: Elongated Vitra toilet seats are oval and slightly longer than round toilet seats. They are considered more comfortable and are slightly more expensive than circular seats. Circular toilet seats, on the other hand, are the most frequent, are less expensive, and are round in shape.


  • Square Vitra toilet seats: It is usually found with contemporary style toilets. A square Vitratoilet seat is a rectangular type toilet seat that features sides that are roughly parallel.
  • D shaped Vitra toilet seats: A combination of the two toilet seats above, is the D shaped toilet seat. It comes with a flat hinge edge, and it is most common with contemporary toilets.


Why select Vitra toilet seats for your toilet

The Vitra toilet seats at My Toilet Spare come with the finest quality materials. It is durable and looks fantastic for years. Replacing the Vitra toilet seat is usually a simple process & it is easy to clean. It is one of the most popular seats for contemporary toilets, and its hardware finish matches perfectly with any bathroom. Using it makes sense to enhance the curb appeal of your bathroom.


If you have a Vitra brand of toilet, it is a wise idea to buy a toilet seat from the same brand. You can rely on My Toilet Spare online store to get the Vitra toilet seats irrespective of size, shape & colour. Contact them to know more about the toilet seat range. For more information email at  or call at 1482291992 .

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