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Why Do Toilets Seat With Soft Close Hinges Are A Great Addition To Your Bathroom

Why Do Toilets Seat With Soft Close Hinges Are A Great Addition To Your Bathroom

Do you want to stay away from the unwanted banging sound of toilets in your bathroom? Do you want to bring some extra comfort for your parents or kids while they use the bathroom? Do you want to make some changes to your old toilet 

Top Toilet Spares -You Must Know To Manage Critical Maintenances

Top Toilet Spares -You Must Know To Manage Critical Maintenances

Though it is not very interesting, knowing everything regarding your toilet & the toilet spares used. It still can be super valuable to be acquainted with the toilet spares. It could be helpful whenever you find some difficulties in the toilet functionality. For plumbing maintenance, 

Know Your Toilet Seat And Invest On The Best One (Cersanit Toilet)

Know Your Toilet Seat And Invest On The Best One (Cersanit Toilet)

Have you ever had a poor toilet seat? You probably realize the contrast between an adequate toilet time & not so satisfied toilet session. However, the most significant benefit of having a quality toilet seat is its comfort level. You should purchase a Cersanit toilet seat to achieve that level of comfort. It’s perfect for people who spend a lot of time on the toilet.


Toilet seats come in various shapes and sizes, each having its own benefits. Compared to ordinary toilets and toilet seats, Cersanit toilet seats usually provide more comfort. Cersanit toilet hinges are also available, which are especially handy if you notice any wiggle during your seated season. Cersanit toilet seat & its hinges are the most user-friendly alternative for homeowners. In addition, its soft-close function makes it ideal for the elderly and physically challenged.

The reason we avoid using bad toilet seats?

Toilet seats that are poorly constructed or of poor quality are prone to jiggle. Therefore, when you sit over them, they may move. Users will have an unpleasant seated experience as a result of this. Furthermore, low-quality toilet seats are prone to splitting and shattering. It necessitates the replacement of your toilet seat as soon as possible.


How can you find the best toilet seat accessible today?

Having adequate information regarding the toilet seat options will assist you in making a wise decision. Before purchasing a new Cersanit toilet seat, ask My Toilet Seat, one of the most reputable internet businesses. You can also ask yourself a few questions before making a purchase:

  • Do you have an elongated or round toilet basin?
  • Do you like a firm or soft seat?
  • Is your restroom a high-traffic place or one that isn’t frequently used?
  • Do you have older adults in your family? Are there any psychically challenged or obese members in your family?
  • Do you live in a frigid climate?


Finding the answer to such questions will help you choose a suitable toilet seat for your space. So you are well on the way to buying one of the best toilet seats available. Think about its brand & make and also price. Check to see if their toilet spare, particularly the hinge, is still available ten to fifteen years later! Toilet seats are available in a range of makes & models, and one can spend as much or as little as they wish.

Buy a Cersanit toilet seat from My Toilet Spares, and rest assured that you will enjoy your toilet session more than ever. For any help or inquiry, call them or WhatsApp on 00447552414763 today! For more information email at customerservice@mytoiletspares.co.uk.







Recognize Your Toilet Seat Options- Invest On The Best One (Cooke And Lewis Toilet Seat)

Recognize Your Toilet Seat Options- Invest On The Best One (Cooke And Lewis Toilet Seat)

Have you ever had a toilet seat that was not up to par?Do you know the difference between having a satisfying toilet session and not having a satisfying toilet session?You’ll need a toilet seat that’s appropriate for the level of comfort you’re providing.The most significant 

Replacement Of Existing Toilet Seat Brackets Or Hinges Are Easy?

Replacement Of Existing Toilet Seat Brackets Or Hinges Are Easy?

Over time, the toilet seat brackets (the most important element in a toilet seat) can break or wear out.That’s when it will require a replacement. Flushing issues, running water in the tank, and dampness around the toilet fittings are just a few of the issues 

The Benefits Of Using Armitage Shanks Spares -Dual Flush Toilet Cistern Spare

The Benefits Of Using Armitage Shanks Spares -Dual Flush Toilet Cistern Spare

The toilet cistern spare- It is the least talked about topic among many! However, it is a necessary everyday thing that we all require.The Toilet Cistern is the component of a toilet that holds water until it is flushed. Ideal Standard is one of the world’s leading bathroom products found in most residential or commercial or healthcare facilities.

you won’t be surprised to see the Armitage Shanks toilet & spares name on the ceramics or fittings as it is designed by using world-class designer’s effort & and the latest technology.


Buying a new cistern that suits your needs and requirements with a water closet, is an integral part of selecting an Ideal Standard Armitage Shanks Cistern Spares. It might be difficult to find the best option when there are so many to choose from.My Toilet Spares offers you the best-in-class products that match your needs. Explore their range of cisterns to find something that suits your requirements.


The main advantage of a dual flush cistern is that it saves water.Dual-flush toilets, on the other hand, consume significantly less water and are therefore considered environmentally friendly.  Using one leads to lower water bills, saving your household money over time. It saves you money on your water costs because it uses less water than single flush toilets.

It is easy to operate and there will not be any while flushing. The buttons located on the top of the tank require less force to press than a lever does. Because they’re common- replacement of Armitage Shanks spares cannot be trickier. Its repairs may not be so pricier if something goes wrong.


Dual flush systems are adaptable because they allow for two flushing options: a half flush for liquid waste and a full flush for solid waste.A dual flush toilet cistern is an environmentally beneficial option because it conserves water.Armitage Shanks spares have the advantage of having fewer internal systems to fail.  Armitage Shanks spares are simpler to use because you don’t have to remind yourself which button to push.


Like any moving parts, there are components in Ideal Standard and Armitage Shanks products that may occasionally need replacing. My Toilet Spares has everything you need to keep your Ideal Standard toilets and Armitage Shanks Cistern Spares in good working order.  They provide Ideal Standard Armitage Shanks Cistern Spares parts that are as good as new. As a leading supplier of Armitage Shanks Cistern Spares they pride themselves on being able to provide clients with the right cistern parts at the right time.


Are you renovating your workplace or remodelling your old bathroom or building a new one?  You need to know the benefits of Ideal Standard Armitage Shanks Cistern Spares. However, selecting dual-flush toilet cistern spares for your toilet could be the smartest decision for your space and your wallet.

For the best brands of toilets including Ideal Standard toilets & Armitage Shanks Cistern Spares, and everything you need to be associated with plumbing supplies, My Toilet Spares is the only name you need to know. They offers best products at the cheapest price online, at any time. For more information email at customerservice@mytoiletspares.co.uk or you can Call us at 1482291992 .





Helpful Ideas To Procure The Right Type Vitra Toilet Seat That You Are Looking For

Helpful Ideas To Procure The Right Type Vitra Toilet Seat That You Are Looking For

The toilet seat you choose can have a significant impact on the design and feel of your home.It’s difficult to know where to begin with so many options, including various colours, shapes, and materials. Choosing the ideal toilet seat for yourself might be a little 

Finding The Right &Best Toilet Seat Fittings Are No Longer A Mystery At My Toilet Spares

Finding The Right &Best Toilet Seat Fittings Are No Longer A Mystery At My Toilet Spares

Your toilet might work as a door in your home! It can be raised to open it and lowered to seal it. However,it will require the assistance of fittings in order to move.The hinges in the back of the seat are primarily responsible for keeping 

Why Do You Need To Replace The Toilet Seat Hinges

Why Do You Need To Replace The Toilet Seat Hinges

Do you feel uncomfortable with your existing toilet seat? Do you want to replace your toilet hinges due to specific issues? For example, will you observe or discover a loose movement around the toilet seat, or is it not opening correctly or making the sound? It means some damages in it need to be repaired as soon as possible. However, there is no need to wait until you are ready to remodel the bathroom or replace the entire toilet! You can resolve the issue by replacing the soft close toilet seat hinges! Here are some benefits of replacing your soft close toilet seat hinges before they get entirely damaged.


Enhancement of appearance

Your bathroom appears messy& disorganized if your toilet hinges are loose. Furthermore, the entire bathroom area seems to be outdated and out of style. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the hinges have worn out, and the toilet seat is no longer secure. To improve the appearance of your bathroom, you’ll need to change the hinges.



The unsteady movement that occurs while you are in the middle of your business. It happens as the seat makes you feel most uncomfortable. The toilet seat must be tight to maintain stillness. Because some of the parts may fall, a highly loose toilet sounds like you’re fighting someone. It might be a nightmare for your family when it comes to going to the bathroom. Avoid any ruins that may arise as a result of faulty hinges. It can be dangerous for children and the elderly.


It is a cheaper option.

When you purchase new hinges, they are purchased as a set. So, instead of attempting to repair the worn-out soft close toilet seat hinges, you can buy new seat bolts, protective caps, and other pieces. Replacing the hinges ultimately is a wise idea. It will save you budget and, of course, bring  abetter peace of mind.

Simplified cleaning

Another advantage of replacing faulty toilet hinges is that it makes cleaning the toilet much easier. You can quickly move the seat and clean the hidden areas without fear of the entire seat collapsing. You may not want to deal with old hinges if you care about the cleanliness of your home. However, replacing them will make things much easier & convenient to use.


Easy to operate the lid 

Most families like to close the toilet lid. However, soft close toilet seat hinges can make the toilet lead close smoothly with a simple touch. So there will be no more conflicts or disturbances due to sound in your home.

When to replace the soft close toilet seat hinges

  • Most damaged toilet slides from side to side. When you try to sit on it, it will make things even worse.
  • It falls way too quickly when you try to close the lid, or you need to use more force to close the lid.
  • If the seat appears cracked due to the pressure,
  • The enamel may also appear worn out and finally lose its lustre around the seat covers
  • when the heart creates undesired movement.
  • The stain won’t be removed even after vigorous cleaning.mounting-kit-for-washbasins-roca-a527004714-12198-p_1

My Toilet Spares is well-known for supplying superior quality toilet seats & it relates products online in London. They feel proud to deliver the best to clients. They believe quality should be prioritized first as sound quality is the key to winning customers’ hearts. They hold a fantastic collection of soft closed toilet seats and hinges to choose from. For more information you can email us at customerservice@mytoiletspares.co.uk  or call us at 1482291992.

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