Buy Shower Wall Panels in Toronto in Different Colors, Sizes and Finishes

Creating a bathroom that’s elegant yet practical can often prove difficult, especially where wall coverings are concerned. Many homeowners opt for tiles as they are not very much aware about the other available options. No doubt tiles are available in different styles but they do demand a specific amount of continuous upkeep to keep the grout clean and over time the appearance of the grout will weaken. And this is why waterproof shower wall panels in Toronto are becoming widely popular as a substitute to bathroom tiles. Besides being appealing & easy to maintain, they also provide several other advantages to the installer & end users alike.

Wall panels are made in diverse sizes and formats to fit domestic steam rooms, shower enclosures and full bathrooms. They can often be made available as comprehensive kits that include all needed profiles, sealants and accessories.

Wall panels are easier and quicker to set up than wall tiles. It can take many days for the grout and adhesive to dry with tiles, whereas wall panel installation is much simpler & can be performed by most skilled DIYers. As panels are dry the possibility of mess is reduced, no grouting means that as soon as installation is finished, a bathroom can be used instantly. Also this prevents the build-up of bathroom wall mould that’s usually discovered in between walls. There is no need to buy specialist tools as typical woodworking tools can be employed to install the wall panels. To make sure that wall tiles are installed straight a laser level is generally required, with wall panels a regular spirit level is adequate.

Where to buy shower wall panels in Toronto?

Easy on the eyes shower wall panels from Mr Marble is the perfect blend of form and function. Whether you’re seeking a total revamp or want to put a modern twist on your bathroom we provide bespoke, beautiful alternatives to tiles. We offer a wide array of waterproof shower wall panels in Toronto, all available in different colors, sizes and finishes to perfectly match your interior tastes.

Our range of shower boards are hundred percent waterproof & can be directly applied to nearly any surfaces including concrete, tiles, plaster, chipboard, or as part of a new installation. Our bathroom wall panels can transform your shower enclosure or bathroom immediately, giving it a modern finish. Aside from being pretty easy and quick to set up, our shower wall panels need very low maintenance making them a suitable option for busy homeowners like you.

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