There are so many ways to design a bathroom and just as much as it is fancy, it is also very important to find your style not just aesthetically but also one that suits your house and of course, your budget. Just like everything evolves with time, so has various bathroom styles and trends. So here are the topmost trendy styles of 2021 to rock your bathroom!


The Nude Style Bathrooms

This year is all about going back to the old normal and starting anew. Nudes are the most refreshing and humble shades of colors since they come directly from the environment like the sky or the sea. For getting a nude style bathroom you’ll have to start with painting your walls with your preferred shade of nude. To add a little more essence to the theme, adding sinks, ceramics and various other nude accessories would bring out the humble zing to a very stylish and calming bathroom style.

Re-Designing The Showers

Well we do not need to explain the importance of having good showers. With time, however, showers have become more elaborate with misting systems, anti-fog mirrors, attached drains and integrated benching. Attached to it, an even more useful idea would be to set up a bathtub separated by glass doors making the entire room appear very spacious and classy.

Re-Designing The Sinks

Depending on whatever your style is, you can go for plain solid color sinks with humble colors such as white and ivory giving it a dignified look or golden and shimmery colors giving it a more lavish look. Or you can even go for printed sinks with marble or oriental look depending on what would compliment your bathroom more.


Marbles never go out of style. It is easier to clean and very classy to look at. Whether it’s used in small tiles or it’s used on big slabs, marbles always rock. You can cover your floors with marbles which would definitely be much easier to clean or you can use marble on your walls making the walls look stylish with delicate designs and a bit of shimmer. Either way, marbles will save and rock your day!

Minimalistic Approach

Keeping it minimal is the new trend. Make your bathrooms look more spacious and elegant with a minimalistic approach such as using glass doors instead of shower curtains and sharp sinks instead of bulky ones. Keeping it simple while making sure of the style is an art that is really taking over fast. It’s not just about the style or how it looks but the minimalistic approach saves you an intelligent budget and also simplifies things while managing your bathrooms.


Ecological friendly is more than a trend or a style. It is a necessity and a way of living. Adding more greens to your bathroom not only makes it look fresh but actually keeps the room fresh. Not only is it good for your style but also great for your health and physique. Going green doesn’t just include green walls or floors or showers and sinks. It means adding a few plants here and there that compliments your essence and also, placing them correctly so that both you and your plants can breathe better while maintaining the look and the style. Also, it is very easy to take care of the plants once they’re placed in the right corners of the bathroom. A green bathroom does not just enhance your bathroom style but also assures a friendly, fresh and flowery bathroom experience.


Black Always Rules

If you have a dominant yet dignified style who like to rule but does not like it loud, black is the perfect theme for you. Not only for the style, it is even easier to maintain an all black bathroom. The color black goes with everything so if you’re look for a mixture of your favorite color with a partner color, black is the one for you.

Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms of a house and just as important it is to take care of your bedroom or guest rooms, taking care of your bathroom, showing the love and giving the attention that it deserves is equally important. So, do not hesitate to invest your time and money for the most important rooms of your house, make your bathrooms stand out!