8 Top Kitchen Cabinet and Countertop Trends of 2021

8 Top Kitchen Cabinet and Countertop Trends of 2021

Are you planning to revamp your kitchen space and give it a modern touch? Searching for “cabinets and countertops near me“? Every new year brings a new wave of kitchen cabinet and countertops trends and 2021 is no different. If you wish to transform your kitchen into a contemporary and trending one, then take a look at some of the top trends that you can incorporate in your kitchen this year:

  • Personalized Cabinets

When it comes to cabinetry, one size no longer fits all and hence you are required to custom design your cabinets to give them a personalized look that suits your needs and aesthetics the best. For personalized cabinets you need to pair it up with clean and simple countertops. You can pair your personalized cabinet you can opt for Quartz in snow white color that will make your cabinetry look elegant and classy.

  • Subtle Designs

If you are looking for long term design flexibility, you can go for simpler and subtly designed cabinetry styles. So upgrade your kitchen design with modern kitchen cabinets and par them up with some exciting stone countertops such as a dynamic blue or bold green color stone or a strikingly patterned one.

  • Neutral Color Palettes

Neutral colored kitchen cabinets have always been praised and admired especially the white color. However, the other neutral colors such as grey have begun to become popular over time. For such cabinets you can either use neutral countertops or go for some contrasting options.

  • Functional Cabinetry

When it comes to cabinetry you should never compromise on the functionality for design or vice versa. Today, you can discover kitchen cabinets that not only look aesthetically promising but also accommodate the various demands of your kitchen for better storage, access and organization. And for such cabinets simple and clean quartz countertops are the best bet.

  • Horizontally Leaning Cabinetry

With cabinets becoming wider, the need of stack cabinets is no more necessary. However, you can always have them if you require additional storage. Horizontally leaning cabinets not only make ground access easier but also provides a more refined look to your kitchen. Here, you can pair up your cabinetry with textured countertops like granite ones.

  • Dark Wood Cabinetry

Dark wood cabinetry has made a comeback this year. While people are loving sleek white cabinetry looks, dark and deep cabinets can add warmth to your space and it a perfect option for a brightly colored kitchen. Here the countertop design depends upon the lighting in your kitchen. For kitchens with more natural light black and textured granite countertops are the best.

  • Green is Trending

Go green is the trend today. Cabinet color trends always keep changing but the nature inspired emerald green is an all time trend. Green hue offers a bold look to your kitchen while providing your space with a customized finish. Rich brown colored granite stone countertops compliment such bold colored cabinets quite well.

  • Open Cabinetry Concept

Open concept home designs are all the rage and now has become one of the latest kitchen cabinet trends. This design makes your kitchen look more spacious while allowing you to show off all your favorite dishware in style. To make it look ultra organized you can pair it up with quartz countertops regardless of the color you choose.


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