Bring A Smooth Moment To Your Toilet Seat With A Simple Seat Bracket & Hinge Replacement

Bathrooms fittings are confusing (specially in Toilet seats) unless you know what you are looking for or where to start? The toilet seat hinges and their brackets are among the parts of a toilet seat that wear with time. It is a small device used to raise or lower the seat, and it is placed at the rear of the toilet seat. Like any other moving part, the toilet seat brackets and hinges will get damaged or wear out with time and need a replacement. No need to change the whole toilet seat! Replacing the toilet seat brackets and their hinges could be the way to make your toilet seat look good & operate smoothly!


An extensive array of toilet shapes (round nose, D shape, traditional pointed nose shape toilet seat) are available in the market today. But the most common element in almost all toilet seats is the toilet seat hinges and their brackets. Knowing the suitable toilet seat hinges and their brackets can be little bit tricky for the novice. However, a simple change of seat hinges doesn’t make that much difference to your budget, and it will save you from a considerable cost that you would have been spending on replacing the entire seat.

Following some simple rules help you fix the toilet seat brackets and hinges with ease. Tools may not be needed based on the type of toilet seat. You can easily replace your toilet seat hinges with the correct tools and spare components. It’s definitely a good idea to have some essential tools on hand, such as pliers, a set of spanners, or a tiny adjustable wrench. It would also be handy for the metal fittings to have a couple of 6mm nuts available.


To remove the present toilet seat, you’ll need to get down on the floor and reach up beneath the toilet bowl’s back. Often it is tricky as it is not a very pleasant place to do some work. Try to look and feel for plastic or winged metal nuts under the pan. Removing both of the winged nuts help you lift the seat along with the hinge bracket. Toilets are the place for harmful germs and can be a source of potential infections!

Therefore, take proper precautions to clean it or use an anti-bacterial cleaning spray to get it cleaned before starting the installation process. Open the screw cover & remove the screws to take away the existing toilet seat. Align both hinges to the holes in the toilet seat’s base, install the new toilet seat hinges on the toilet seat base and secure the bottom hinge. Place the toilet seat and attach the top hinge and its brackets properly.Check the seat movement by raising and lowering the toilet seat. It should work properly if you follow the manual carefully.


Purchasing toilet seat hinges and their brackets appear to be a simple task at My Toilet Spares , whether it is an Ideal Standard toilet, Armitage shanks toilet seat or soft closed toilet seat. They assist you with better information while choosing a new hinge for your toilet seat. Most of the hinges may appear identical; however, this is not the same for all, and it is also available in different materials.


Standard toilet seat hinges come in standard sizes that fit best to your toilet & personal preferences. You probably may not get the same hinge designed explicitly for lavished toilet models and need to order the specific hinges or be forced to choose another style. However, you can place your order on My Toilet Spares as they have got a wide range of toilet seats to serve your needs.