Easy To Replace A Toilet Seat With A Simple, Step-By-Step Guide

Are you get exhausted from the seat on your flushing toilet? Is your toilet seat damaged or getting old, and do you need to change it? Fortunately, you can get as many toilet seats and their fittings from a reliable online dealer. Aside from that, no special skills or tools are required to replace the existing toilet seat. You don’t need to call your plumber for this job. Instead, you need to mention the precise toilet seat or toilet seat fittings you need to the dealer online. They will send it to you right away, and you will receive it in a few days.


Of course, replacing the toilet seat is not a big job or long process. It’s necessary to give yourself enough time to do the job just right. Are you ready to know the basics of replacing the toilet seat or the fittings used in it? Read the manual, which makes the process easy for you when carrying this out. You need to loosen the old one and install a new accessory while replacing the toilet seat or toilet seat fittings. Sometimes worn-out bolts make this project challenging. But with a bit of small effort, you can solve this problem quickly!


You need some tools to remove or replace the toilet seat

  • A measuring tape to measure both sides of the toilet
  • Pliers
  • A spanner set or a small adjustable wrench
  • A complete set of new or replacement toilet seat fittings and a couple of 6-millimetre nuts

You need to clean the area.

It’s essential to make sure that you’re appropriately equipped as toilet seats are the germ-laden area, and germs are lurking in your toilet bowl. Use an anti-bacterial spray to wipe out the most common bacteria found in toilets. It’s sensible to wear safety gloves because they will protect you against germs and viruses. Selecting the thinner gloves is wise as it allows you to feel what you’re doing! Rinse to clean your hands when the job is done.


You need to measure the toilet bowl.

Toilet seats come in various shapes such as round-ended, D-shaped and pointed oval shape. First, you need to understand the size, shape, and model that fit best for your toilet bowl. Hence, measuring the toilet bowl is necessary, ensuring that your new toilet seat will work accurately. You can do it by measuring the width of the toilet bowl at its broadest point, the distance between the rear of the toilet’s fixing holes, and the distance between the front of the toilet and the back of the toilet’s fixing holes. All such measurements will make your toilet seat fit your toilet correctly.

Remove the old toilet seats carefully.

For a toilet seat or its fitting replacement, you need to remove the existing toilet seat. Remove the winged nut or nut and bolt from both sides of the pan. The metal nuts may be rusted, so use some penetrating oil and leave it for a few minutes. Then use your pliers to turn the nut and make it loosen. If it’s a set of plastic wing nuts, then twiddle them off and lift out the old toilet seat.


Locate the seat correctly.

For fine-movement, rotate the hinge plate and locate it accurately. It allows you to get the fixing bolts into their holes quickly. It will help you move the entire toilet seat either forward or backwards quickly. Now rest the toilet seat perfectly, to achieve the precise fit you desire.

Now it is time to fit the new toilet seat.

Modern toilet seats come with a bracket, a piece of studding, washers and plastic nuts. Fit the studying underneath the bracket, slide the washer into place to cushion the nu, and add the nut. It ensures that the new toilet seat and its fittings will sit evenly around the edge of the bowl. First, check that you can lift the seat and the lid to rest against the cistern before making the nuts tight. Then lower the toilet seat to check that all its contact points rest against the top of the pan. Next, push the nuts into the hole at the end of the toilet bowl and tight it carefully to make it fit securely. But don’t over-tight it as it will lead to the thread stripping, resulting in an unsafe or shaky toilet seating experience.


Installing or replacing a new toilet seat is an easy DIY project. But you need to procure the precise toilet seat fittings. Rest assured that you will get every toilet seat fitting at My Toilet Spares. To know more about their product line, do call them today!