The Significance Of Buffers In A Standard Toilet Seat And The Diy Approach For Its Installation

The Armitage shanks toilet seat or buffers protect the bottom of a toilet seat and prevent permanent damage to the toilet. It prevents the toilet seat from moving when you sit on it. The buffers are considered a great product that can keep your toilet seat clean and avoid any kind of damage to the toilet. Armitage shanks toilet seat buffers can be a tremendous renovating element that extends the bathrooms’ life and gives a fresh look.


Because of regular use, the buffers under the Ideal Standard toilet seat become damaged or worn out. Buffers that are worn out can be challenging to work with. The worn-out or missing buffer under the toilet seat makes it hard to sit on the toilet. Using a toilet seat without the buffers or missing buffers may bring damage to the toilet seat! It is found that most people leave their toilet seats without buffers. It can prove costly in the long run as it will damage the toilet seat or pressure your toilet bowl. Installing the new one in place of missing or replacing the damaged toilet seat buffers will prove to be a cost-effective and straightforward way to prevent damage to the toilet seat.


Selecting suitable toilet seat buffers is essential to protect the toilet seat. Ideal Standard toilet seat buffer is a small plastic piece that provides a cushion or buffer between the seat and the toilet itself. It is an inexpensive yet crucial element used to keep your toilet bowl safe irrespective of your weight. Replacing it on time is essential to keep your Ideal Standard toilet seat well protected. It will help you keep your toilet seat clean properly and prevent permanent damage to the toilet. Installing the new Ideal Standard toilet seat buffer will extend the life of the bathroom in your home. So, focusing on it helps you to have a safe toileting experience! Here is a DIY guide to install or replace the buffers! Please have a look!

  • Lift your toilet seat to scrub the area around the buffers with a rag dampened with warm water. Make sure to clean the area thoroughly.
  • Take a flat-head screwdriver to push against the worn-out or old buffers to pull them out. If there is a screw in it, unscrew the attached screw and set them aside. Repeat it in all other buffers to remove and discard them.armitage-shanks-toilet-seat-spares-reflections-traditional-seat-hinge-set-for-wooden-seats-e5650aa-11332-p
  • Scrub the old buffer region to eliminate any dirt or debris that may cause the buffers to come free later. The installation or replacement of the toilet seat buffer will be easier and more permanent due to this. It is because the debris could cause new the bumpers get loose later on.
  • Snap or Screw the new buffer in place and ensure that the buffers are perfectly fitted in their area. Utilize the hole of the previous bumper as a base to the direction that the new bumper goes. Try to move the bumpers to ensure they are secure. The proper attachment of bumpers makes the seat remain stable and won’t move side to side.


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