When Should I Replace My Toilet Seat? What To Look For In A New Toilet Seat

Why should I replace my toilet seat?

A toilet seat typically will last only about five to eight years before they begin to crack or become stained or not functioning as it should be! It will change its appearance or no longer appears clean no matter how hard you scrub. Hence, it’s time to consider a replacement. Is the seat on your GSI toilet is in terrible condition? Does it pinch you while seating? Is it necessary to replace it in the interim? You can upgrade it with a GSI toilet seat cover!


What to look for before selecting a new toilet seat 

Advanced toilet seat design has witnessed severe innovation in recent years. If you are planning to replace a toilet seat, especially for your GSI toilet then keep an eye out for certain key features. It will ensure you have a nice purchasing experience: Few of them are:

Close quietly: Gone are the days when toilet seats slammed and make annoying sound or shut hard. You can now choose a GSI toilet seat that comes with a model with hinges. It lowers the seat softly and makes no sound. Anyone can use it with the use of their figure.


Moulded Bumpers: The simple benefit of the GSI toilet seat is it comes with moulded bumpers! When the toilet lid is closed, it protects the toilet seat from damage, provides stability for the seat, and reduces noise.

Colour to meet the theme: GSI toilet seats are now available in a variety of colours. The colour selector tool assists homeowners in sorting through the various options and selecting the right GSI toilet seat for your space.

Ease to clean: The easier it is to remove the seat for cleaning, the better. Look for a product that can be easily removed with just a screwdriver. There are also quick-release seats that can be removed without using any tools, allowing you to clean the seat and the area around the hinges.


Durable:Choose a toilet seat with stainless steel or zinc-plated hinge posts. It will prevent the toilet seat from snapping or corroding while in use.High-grade plastic is utilised to make the most commonly used toilet seats. It is more durable and easier to clean than other toilet seat materials.

Versatility: The toilet seat you wish to procure must be versatile. The GSI toilet seat models are good for youngsters and senior persons.

Comfort: If the prospect of sitting on an ice-cold toilet seat in the winter makes you shiver, consider upgrading to a quality toilet seat that brings comfort in all seasons.


Considerations for Safety: There are no substantial risks associated with replacing a GSI toilet seat of any size. However, it is ideal too, it’s good clean it thoroughly before beginning the work. It ensures you stay away from harmful germs & bacteria.


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