What We Understand By Brand Activation And How To Have The Best Activation Marketing In Kenya

What We Understand By Brand Activation And How To Have The Best Activation Marketing In Kenya

Activation marketing alludes to the most common way of spreading the word about your brand to individuals, expanding awareness and commitment through some nature of brand experience.

Think about the days when you initially started your business in Kenya. No one knew what your identity is and was not aware of your brand. Your brand is lifeless and it requires activation before it tends to be of any use.

Yet, it does not apply to new brands only. If a business needs to rebrand itself it cannot simply roll out a couple of improvements and trust individuals to notice. It needs to go through the most common way of transforming individuals’ minds over to the new brand and making them mindful of it. To have such an effective switch over, you need to have professional services from a reputed activation marketing agency in Kenya.


How reputed activation agencies activate a brand?

As reputed activation marketing agencies have access to several channels, they use number of ways toward activating your brand with individuals.

How about we investigate a portion of those techniques.

Experiential marketing

Maybe the most effective way they use to activate your brand in individuals is by permitting them to encounter it directly.

Experiential marketing has become progressively common over the most recent years, maybe the most well-known model being Carlsberg’s effective beer poster mission.

This kind of campaign can be a strong method for getting your brand before individuals and making it stick to them.

Sampling campaigns

Yet, the experiential component of a brand activation mission could be something more stripped-back. It could mean offering individuals the chance to use your items.

You can give out free samples of your new item. It can be an incredible method for acquainting individuals with your brand and making them talk.

In any case, reputed activation marketing agencies make it convenient and innovative to guarantee the best outcome.

In-store brand initiation

One more way to activate a brand is through in-store promotions. Once more, this comes down to making an experiential component by which clients can contact and communicate with your brand.

Joining all these

As we referenced before, the marketing empire has more channels than any time in recent memory and a reputed activation marketing agency in Kenya see how to interface up the brand activation experience across the different client touch points.

The principal thing to refer to is social. If they are running an experiential mission, for instance, they might facilitate social media to guarantee the mission gets the openness it merits.

There is no reason for investing an enormous measure of energy, exertion and asset into something if you’re not going to yell about it simultaneously.


PR is one more significant piece of the process. If you are giving out jars of seawater, the press will probably be keen on running an anecdote about it. Dislike something like that happening each day.

So, activation marketing agencies ensure you have a solid PR system set up with the goal that the right distributions are familiar with your mission to guarantee the best outcome.

Regardless of whether you make individuals have fun, cry, feel outraged or excited. You need to make an enthusiastic association or it will not make a lasting impression in the mind of individuals to recollect the experience or your brand. Aquila is a reputed activation marketing agency in Kenya. Reach them at (+254) 791089673 or (+254) 735491833 to discuss your brand activation strategies.

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