What are different pallet racking systems that maximize your warehouse space

What are different pallet racking systems that maximize your warehouse space

Pallet racking storage systems are useful for warehouses or other facilities that transfer, ship and store products on pallets. Different warehouses deal with additional inventory. It doesn’t mean that a single pallet racking system is ideal for different warehouses. To meet the diverse storage needs you have got a wide variety of pallet racks available for sale in the market. All of them are uniquely designed and fabricated for various applications and different storage facilities. Some of the pallet racking for sales in Melbourne offer dense storage capacity while other warehouse racking systems have easier access to storage. It allows the storage facilities to maximize vertical space, keep the product organized and easily accessible. Different pallet racking systems available in the market have precise utility and inventory management processes. Let’s discover a few popular pallets racking for sale in Melbourne:

Selective Racking- Selective racking is the most prevalent and versatile pallet racking system used in the warehouse industry. It is, and is probably what comes to your mind while hearing “pallet racking”. It’s basically designed to increase the existing storage by up to 40%. It allows for easy tracking and removal of pallets with a forklift.

Drive-In Racking- Drive-in racks are more like a lane like storage system with rails on each side. The pallets kept on the side rails and pushed to the rack’s rear side. It helps you keep the pallet one after another in front of the previous pallets. It is a cost-effective solution for a high-density storage facility. A Drive-in system could be the ideal option if your products are perishable or time-sensitive and suitable for storing multiples of the same palletized products. It is one of the highest density racking options available in the warehouse industry.

Cantilever Racking- Cantilever racking pallet racking for sale in Melbourne is a unique choice for heavy and long loads in your warehouse. It is usually made of steel and suitable to stock long & heavy loads such as pipes, lumber, sheet metal, and tubes. It is also ideal for keeping irregular shape stocks, like appliances and furniture. You can adjust its arms or customize it as per your product size.

Push Back Racking- Push back pallet racking is nearly identical to the drive-in, but it is designed to push forward the pallets. Pallets are normally placed at the back of the push back racking system and moved on as the front is removed. It enables you to store your stocks as deep as two to five pallet layers and access them from a single aisle. This loading and unloading system here is similar to managing the cold drink stocks in grocery stores. This means as you pull a drink out of the cooler than other drinks, are pushed forward into place.

Pallet Flow- The pallet flow racking system operates in the same way as to push back racks manage the stocks. However, it works with gravity and rollers attached to it. Instead of loading these racks from the front, you load the stock from the rear. Product stocked on the back of these racks slides forward until they reach the front of the shelf. It will be the best-storing arrangement for a FIFO (first-in/first-out) product arrangement.

Mentioned above are some of the standard pallet racking systems available for sale in Melbourne. Each pallet racking has its own philosophy and advantage. To know more about the warehouse racking for sale in Melbourne, please contact Readyrack at 1300 307 229 today!

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