What To Know About Quartz Countertop To Make An Informed Decision

What To Know About Quartz Countertop To Make An Informed Decision

Want to turn your nice kitchen into a stunning one? If yes, then replace your outdated counters with quartz! Here we have discussed everything you want to know about quartz countertops so that you can make an informed decision.


How much quartz cost?

Quartz is generally a bit less expensive compared to granite, depending on the stone quality. It is much less expensive than marble, but it is more expensive than laminate or other solid surfaces. However, the final price relies upon different factors, including slab’s thickness, the quantity of material required, the design complexity, and the stone quality of course.

The price of quartz differs relying upon the stone quality and the brand that you purchase. Nonetheless, get ready to pay anywhere from $30 to $150 per square foot for low-quality options and even more if you opt for a super high end.

Where to buy quartz countertops for your home in Il?

If you are tempted to check out one of the big chain home improvement stores for buying quartz countertops, we would like advice to take your time and look for a place that manages sales, designs, fabrication, and installation all in-house. This way you will be more expected to find skilled craftsmen taking care of your countertop revamp. If anything doesn’t fall in place, you will only have one firm to tackle, not two or three, and if you work with a company who has been in the industry for several years you can perhaps even ask to see a few samples of their previous work.


What is the difference between granite and quartz?

Though quartz is quite identical to granite but it has a few differences that you need to know before making your purchase.

The polymers and resins employed to produce quartz countertops makes them absolutely impermeable, which means they’re resistant to stains. Granite on the other hand is absolutely natural and can be pretty absorbent, meaning that if you don’t seal them regularly and in the right way you could notice stains pop up from even tiny spills.


Also quartz is scratch & chip resistant, as its reins and polymers offer it a bit more flexibility than natural stone. Nonetheless, unlike granite, the resin in engineered counters isn’t heat resistant, so you cannot take your pans from the stove to the countertop like you usually do with granite. Both are pretty solid materials, though granites are easier to break if you drop a heavy item on it accidentally.

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