Is Your Commercial Refrigerator Leaking Water? Know What To Do

Is Your Commercial Refrigerator Leaking Water? Know What To Do

The refrigerator is perhaps the most important piece of equipment in any commercial kitchen setting. Being a restaurant owner, you depend on the refrigerator’s constant operation to keep your perishable items fresh and safe. If your commercial refrigerator malfunctioned without any prior warning, the downtime could cost your business’s output in big time.

Water leak is probably one of the most common problems that arises with the use of commercial refrigerators. It is worrisome to see water trickling or pooling around the refrigerator. But what can you do when you come across such situations.

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Check the refrigerator’s drain first:

Check your refrigerator’s drain before you take any other steps. One very common cause of water leaks from a commercial refrigerator is a congested drain, a problem that’s considerably easy to sort out.

The majority of commercial refrigerators come with automatic defrosting functionality to melt any frost or ice that accumulates on the evaporator coils. When melted, that water flows to a tray underneath the refrigerator unit. However, if there’s an accumulation of food particles, ice or anything else that gets in the way of the drain hose, it’ll make the water leak from the fridge. This must sort out the issue if there was a blockage.

Inspect the drain pan:

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If there is no issue in the drain, you might wish to check out the drain pan which can be found beneath the fridge. If there is any signs of damage in the pan, you may have to replace it immediately. Ice build-up could also be troublesome, indicating a faulty heater. Moreover, if the fridge isn’t level, the pan could come lop-sided, making water to spill around the refrigerator.

Check the water line or ice maker:

Some refrigerators have built-in ice makers or water dispensers. A damaged or loose water line that links the refrigerator to the main water supply could be the reason behind your leakage issue. Unplug the refrigerator, deactivate the water supply and meticulously check the line for cracks or other indications of damage.

Check the seals around the refrigerator:

There is a probability that damaged seals could be the issue causing leakage. Worn out or damaged seals could affect the refrigerator’s temperature causing excessive condensation & possible water leaks.

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