Understanding The Many Spare Parts Of A Twyford Toilet

Understanding the parts of a Twyford toilet or any other toilet cistern is vital to diagnosing and fixing common toilet issues. Clogged toilets, running toilets, leaks around the tank or bowl, and damaged parts are all possibilities that you can found in toilets. The basic parts of the toilet remain the same for years except for a few minor aspects like look, shape & design.


Twyford toilets have a bowl on the bottom that the user sits on. During installation, a separate component of the toilet tank is joined to the bowl. It draws water from the household’s water supply. The tank sends all of that water pouring into the bowl when it is needed to transport waste products to the sewer.  It is the same as it was years ago. However, knowing the Twyford toilet spares is wise to keep your Twyford toilet or any other toilet functioning properly.

Bowl of the Toilet

It’s the enormous platform that the user sits on. Most toilet bowls are composed of vitreous china, a waterproof material that resists stains well and has an oblong or round hole to take waste. Another use of the trap is to preserve a small supply of fresh water. It prevents sewage gases from entering the house.


Tank for the toilet

The toilet tank is the portion of the toilet that sits above the toilet bowl. The water that is released when the toilet is flushed is contained in the toilet tank. The toilet tank has a handle attached to it. 


The toilet handle is the flushing lever positioned on the toilet tank. In other circumstances, the handle is a huge button on the top of the toilet lid rather than a lever. Dual flush toilets contain two flushing buttons, one for liquid waste and the other for solid waste.


O-Ring Seal

A huge O-shaped rubber or wax washer or gasket that fits between the bottom of the toilet tank and the top of the toilet bowl is known as a tank o-ring seal or tank-to-bowl gasket. Its function is to keep water from leaking from the toilet tank. Because of a badly installed or damaged O-ring seal, the water is licked. The answer is to drain the water from the tank, remove it, and replace the O-ring with a new one.

Flange on the Floor

A floor flange is a spherical metal or plastic bracket that sits above and below the toilet bowl, projecting from the floor. It is secured to the floor using screws or bolts. T-bolts secure the toilet to the flange. It will rust and eventually break, making the toilet unsteady and vulnerable to leaks.


Seal of Wax

A wax seal is placed around a cone-shaped gasket that fits between the toilet bowl’s bottom and the floor flange’s top.Its aim is to keep toilet water from spilling out.The wax seal on a toilet that leaks at the base could be cracked or insufficiently sized for the space. Remove the toilet, scrape off the old wax ring, and replace it with a new wax ring or a silicone ring to repair the problem. My Toilet Spares can provide exact wax seals at any time.


A toilet float is a spherical plastic ball that floats in the toilet tank. The toilet float is in charge of maintaining the water level in the toilet tank. Installing a new float when it no longer floats on the tank water is the best solution.


The toilet chain, also known as the lift chain, is a metal-linked chain that connects the toilet lever to the toilet flapper. When you press the toilet lever, it pulls the toilet chain, which elevates the toilet flapper. Because they are often used, they frequently break. If either end of the chain breaks, a new chain should be purchased. My Toilet Spares sells chains as part of a flapper repair kit or a toilet refill repair kit.



The toilet flapper is the rubber stopper on the interior of the toilet tank’s base.It raises and lowers to allow water to flow into the toilet bowl.The chain is controlled by the toilet lever.The flapper returns to its original position, closing the hole at the tank’s base. It’s similar to a bathtub rubber stopper. After a certain amount of use, the toilet flapper can harden and lose its seal. One of the most common causes of frequently leaky toilets is this.


Tube of Refill

The refill tube is a flexible plastic tube that runs from the toilet tank to the toilet bowl and drips water into it. Over time, plastic refill tubes may split and leak. A refill tube repair kit can be purchased and installed in place of the problematic refill tube.

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