Factors To Look For While Choosing A Toilet Set & Seat For Your Bathroom!

An EWC (European Water Closet), or Western Toilet Commode or privy, is an indisputable part of our daily lives. Such a plumbing element in the bathroom is an undervalued element but it should suit the user’s needs. Since an average person uses the toilet approximately 2500-3000 times a year; it is critical to pick such plumbing fixture & its fitting wisely. Are you planning to renovate or build a new bathroom? You must choose a perfect toilet seat that meets the criteria.


The Duravit toilet seat can be an ideal option for your toilet that not only enhances the appeal of your bathroom but makes you feel happy while seeing and using it every day. Here’s a guide for selecting a Duravit toilet & toilet seat for your bathroom.

The basic Measurements: The distance between the wall behind the toilet set and the bolt cap on your toilet is the dimension of a toilet seat. It’s arguably the most significant feature while deciding if your toilet design complies with building codes and is a make-or-break factor when it comes to toilet installation.


Toilet Style: The criteria for selecting a Duravit toilet & its seat are solely based on an individual’s preferences and mobility. For example, two-piece toilet sets provide a variety of possibilities, whereas a one-piece toilet gives a modern toilet setting a more contemporary look. Tankless toilets are basic and are appropriate for a space-constrained environment, while wall-mounted commodes are ideal for families with limited mobility and smaller bathrooms.

Bowl Type: A circular round bowl can be a comprehensive solution for compact bathrooms, while an elongated bowl provides more comfort and style but takes up more space.


Flush Performance: The flushing system of the toilet is without a doubt the most important component. The EWC (European Water Closet) or Western Toilet Commode must have a forceful jet system with effective flushing power.A wider valve that evenly distributes the water provides the best cleaning solution. 

Saving in Water: Water conservation is a critical aspect in environmental protection.As a result, we should steer clear of toilets that use a lot of water to flush. When compared to their older counterparts, today’s toilet is made using advanced technology that uses much less water. It saves a lot of money on water bills.


Accessibility: If you intend to stay in the location indefinitely, you should consider the long term and select a toilet set & toilet seat that provides for additional comfort. In such a situation you can prefer the Duravit toilet seat as it was easy to install & use. 

Added Comfort Features: The latest Duravit toilet seat or toilet sets come with several features. It will bring added comfort and make it easy to use for all.


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