The Importance Of Toilet Seat Buffers In A Toilet & How To Install It?

Do you want to extend the life of the toilets? Adding toilet seat buffers can be a way to extend the life of the toilets and give them a fresh makeover. Toilet seat buffers are small pieces of toilet spares that provide a cushion to the toilet and the seat. It secures the bottom of a toilet seat & prevents the seat from moving when you sit on it. It keeps your toilet seat clean and prevents permanent damage to the toilets.


Why should you install the Toilet Seat buffers?

Like any toilet stationery, toilet seat buffers get damaged or worn out. It happens due to constant usage and the passing of time. Worn-out buffers bring issues while using the toilet, or you find it hard to sit on the toilet. The lack of buffers leads to damage to both the toilet bowl & toilet seat. Using the toilet seat without buffers proves to be expensive. So you should consider replacing or installing new toilet seat buffers ASAP. Adding it is an easy and inexpensive way to prevent damage to the toilet seat.


The sturdy construction and design of the toilet seat buffers provide great strength and durability to the toilet seat. It proves to be great for heavier people as well! If your family or company has heavier members, won’t let the toilet seat damaged if it has buffers. It evens out or align the individual’s weight so it will undoubtedly spare you from frequent toilet set replacement.We can say that the buffers extend the life of the toilet.

How are the toilet seat buffers installed or changed?

The toilet seat buffers are simple to install. Do you feel your buffers are worn-out, damaged or lost? Then, make sure to install or replace them. Please have a look at how to install it. To clean the area around the buffers, raise the toilet seat. Use an old cloth or rag that has been soaked with warm water.


  • Make care to clean the area thoroughly.
  • Use a flat-head screwdriver to push against the old buffer by slipping it under it.
  • It will assist in removing outdated or worn-out buffers.
  • Remove the affixing screw and put them away.
  • Clean the buffer area once more to eliminate the muck and debris.
  • The buffers might eventually become loose due to debris.
  • Installation or replacement is made simpler and more durable by cleaning the region.
  • Install the new toilet seat buffers using a snap or screw.


Making sure the buffers are precisely positioned or fitted is crucial. To see if the toilet seat is securely aligned and stable, place it down and sit on it. If you want to buy the toilet seat buffers, rely on My Toilet Spares. They are one of the reputable online stores in the UK offering top-quality toilet spares for sale online & also at affordable prices. To find and make the right purchase of a suitable toilet seat buffer or accessories, please browse through:!

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