Why Do Toilets Seat With Soft Close Hinges Are A Great Addition To Your Bathroom

Do you want to stay away from the unwanted banging sound of toilets in your bathroom? Do you want to bring some extra comfort for your parents or kids while they use the bathroom? Do you want to make some changes to your old toilet by adding modern features? Soft-closing toilet seats are the thing that brings comfort & appeal to your bathroom. It could be a practical and quiet alternative to traditional toilet seats.


The modern and functional soft close toilet seat hinges are the mechanisms that make the toilet seat close softly. It will operate the toilet seats in a slow and controlled manner and won’t need any assistance. Outlined here are the main reasons why a soft-close toilet seat is a comfortable and helpful addition to any bathroom.

Minimal Noise

The soft-close toilet seat hinges are the only mechanism that makes the toilet seats almost impossible to slam! It won’t cause a loud clatter if you lose grip of them. A toilet seat with soft close toilet seat hinges makes no noise compared to traditional toilet seats. It is a great choice not only for the comfort in your bathroom but to ensure privacy in your bathroom. It is also helpful for families with small children that face trouble closing the seats correctly. One can close it with a simple touch.


Easier Maintenance

The toilet seats with soft-close hinges are simpler to clean than their traditional counterparts. Most of them come with a quick release function. It allows you to remove the toilet seat entirely in a minute. So one can clean the toilet thoroughly and also without much effort. Removing grime and dirt from the toilet is easy with a toilet seat that has soft-close toilet seat hinges.

Safer Use

Toilet seats with soft close toilet seat hinges are a must for households with older adults & kids. It allows them to use the toilet with ease. There will be no risk of getting injured or trapped with heavy toilet seats. You did not have to use force to close the seats as in traditional toilet seats. The soft-close toilet seat hinges shut the seats at a controlled rate regardless of how much pressure you apply over them. It minimises the impact on the toilet and protects the toilet bowl from damage to your bathroom. A soft close toilet seat hinges help absorb the shock of this impact and reduce the risk of harm to the toilet and the seat.


Easy Installation

If you buy a branded toilet seat, you will find that they often come with a soft close heart. Installation of soft close toilet seat hinges is easy, and you can do it with a few tools available in almost every home. Even a DIY novice can do it in a few minutes. But don’t forget to check the handy guide for proper installation.


Toilet seats with soft close toilet seat hinges are an asset to any bathroom. It could be a comfortable solution for everyday use of the toilet. My Toilet Spare offers a wide range of toilet seats with soft-close toilet seat hinges for you. Whatever the shape or style of your toilet, they have a soft, closed toilet seat for you. Call them today to know more about the toilet spares you are searching for!

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