Six Different Classes Of Fire Damage To Homes

The chances of a fire ruining your home completely maybe low, but they aren’t unfeasible. Whether the fire is a result of wiring problems or a forest fire, your homes & belongings could bear serious damage. If you face a fire disaster, the foremost thing you must do following the fire department extinguishes the flame is get in touch with your insurance agent.

From them, you can get tips on safeguarding the remains of your property from further damage or exposure to the elements. The damage your property may get will rely on the kind of fire damage, which is categorized into 6 classes. Before you look for professional fire damage restoration in Glenview, IL, please go through the different category of fire damage.


Class-A Fire Damage: Fire damage from this category is the upshot of a fire concerning combustible solids, encompassing, different plastics, rubber, paper, cloth, and wood.

Class-B Fire Damage: Fire damage from this class includes a damage caused by combustible solids or liquids that may change state/ this encompasses gasoline & different forms of oil, petrol, various plastics and waxes, and paint. However, fire sourced by cooking oils & fats don’t come under Class-B.

Class-C Fire Damage: Fire damage under this category is one that involves combustible gasses, encompassing propane, butane, hydrogen, and natural gas.

Class-D Fire Damage: This type of fire damage includes fire sourced by flammable metals. This may encompass sodium, potassium, and magnesium.

Class-E Fire Damage: Fire damage under these class upshots from the factors in both Class-A & Class-B. The different being, Class-E involves the initiation of electrical compounds, which make dealing with the fire & the resultant damage rather different from Class-A & Class-B.

Class-F Fire Damage: Fire damage under these category upshots from cooking oils & fats. This kind of fire varies from Class-B because these fires are considerably hotter & the damage found is more severe.

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