The best-guided tours of Central Park-New York City

If you happen to visit NYC or stay nearby, you must be aware that Central Park is a major tourist attraction. There are various historical and tourist attractive places to visit in and around the park. In addition, there are multiple activities and events that you can be part of. However, if you do not have a guided tour, you may miss some and lament later. So, it is wise to have a guided tour, and Central Park carriages are one. However, there are various other means to explore the park.

We talk about the various ways to explore Central Park, one of them being horse-drawn carriages. If we see the ways to explore the park, we can notice that the ways are like free tours by foot, walking tours, self-guided tours, bike tours, movie tours, and horse and carriage tours. So let us know these ways in depth.

Three women looking at the camera, riding in a buggy through Central Park.

Free tours by foot

Once called the lungs of the city, Central Park helps to bring a flow of fresh air into the urban city of New York. It started as a rocky and desolate northern fringe; however, now it is one of the loved public parks. While touring the park on foot, you will definitely find something that thrills you. You will come across meadows, hills, ball fields and bodies of water, and many historic structures. The duration of the tour is roughly two hours, and you require booking your place though it is a free tour.

Walking tours

There are various organizations offering walking tours in Central Park. Although the tour is of two hours duration, you need to book and pay for having such a tour.

The senior couple traveling in Manhattan, New York, USA, and watching the horses near by Central Park.

Self-guided tour

You can also have a self-guided tour of Central Park. You can start the tour at the southeast entrance and explore the park. You can be at places like The Pond and Gapstow Bridge, Central Park Zoo, The Diary, Cheese and Checker House, The Carousel, Sheep Meadow, The Mall, Statue of Balto, Bethesda Arcade, Bethesda Terrace, and Fountain, to name a few.

Bike tours

Central Park is the crown of Manhattan and has two centuries of history associated. So, there are many places to cover. But, if you desire to have some comfort and not walk, bike tours are one of the options.

Central Park movie tours

Many reputed filmmakers have Central Park as the background of their movie scenes. The abundance of greenery, many bridges, statues, and more provide an ideal background for various New York City tales. This tour will allow you to be at those places where famous movie scenes shooting happened.

A horse carriage rides by blooming trees in New York City’s Central Park during springtime

Horse and carriage tours

However, if you desire to include luxury, romance, and comfort in your tour at Central Park, then the best way is to book Central Park carriages. The price that you pay includes all processing fees, and the price is per carriage and not a person. Thus, it is an old-fashioned carriage tour. However, it is a unique way to explore the park.

Irrespective of you celebrating an occasion, giving a treat to your family, or trying to have a fun activity, these carriage rides are ideal for those. It is for sure you will have an everlasting memory of the ride. You can have brief rides, more in-depth rides, or romantic night rides. It is also possible to have customized rides.

There is much to see and do in Central Park, covering 843 acres of land. The relaxed carriage rides will help you to explore all that while you have comfort and solace. While planning the ride, it is good to know the weather. If you observe the temperature is in the range of 89 degrees or below 19 degrees Fahrenheit and any special events are happening in the park, it will not be possible to have such rides.

Central Park Carriages is the ideal organization to organize such a ride. You can book a ride online or call them at 973.722.0059 to know more about the rides they organize and then book one for you and your family.

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