Method To Replace Your Existing Toilet Seat With A Modern Laufen Toilet Seat

Do you have a scratchy feeling with your existing toilet seat? Are you planning to replace your existing toilet seat as it gets old? Do you wish to add some advanced toilet seats to your existing toilet bowl? Will you observe a loose movement around the toilet seat, or does it make a sound while closing?

Replacing the current toilet seat with a new Laufen Toilet Seat before they get entirely damaged is always a good idea. You don’t have to wait until you’re ready to renovate the bathroom or replace the toilet to get started! You can resolve the issue by replacing the toilet seat or adding a Laufen Toilet Seat in its place. Adding it will surely bring you a pleasant toileting experience!


Although the Laufen toilet seat can last for at least 15 to 20 years, the Laufen toilet seat attached to it typically does not. It will last just 7 to 9 years before it cracks. Or you may feel uncomfortable while sitting or begin to shift when you’re sitting on it or become stained. So there is a variation in the lifespan between toilets and seats at some point. The toilet seat must be replaced with a new Laufen toilet seat. Luckily, changing an old toilet seat with a new Laufen toilet seat is relatively easy and inexpensive. However, it will require a few essential tools that most DIYers have in their home or toolboxes.


Measuring to determine the size and the shape of the toilet is essential before placing the order for your new Laufen toilet seat. The bathrooms come in three different shapes such as elongated, compact elongated, and round shape toilet seats. First, you’ll need to measure the bowl of your toilet foundation to ensure you get the right one. Next, confirm to measure the gap between the two bolts at the back of the seat. The average width is 5.5 inches, but it might vary based on the toilet. Next, ascertain the seat’s width at its broadest point.


Mark the length of the seat at its longest point from the centre point between the two bolts to the outermost edge. A circular toilet bowl should be 16-1/2 inches long if you have a standard toilet, whereas extended bowls should be roughly 18 inches long. You can shop for a suitable size seat after you know the measurements.  Before installing it, please consult the manufacturer’s instructions to understand the coincidences and peculiarities of your chosen product.


If you skip the measurements, it may end with the wrong toilet seat, which looks odd. You can take a picture of your toilet and send it to My Toilet Spare as well. They will help you find a matching Laufen toilet seat that meets your specific requirements. If you plan to replace a toilet seat, contact My Toilet Spare today! For more information email at or call us at  1482291992 .