How To Select An Ideal Standard Concept Toilet Seat For Your Toilet

It’s not always necessary to hire a plumber to replace the toilet seat and hinges. It should only take a few minutes to remove the old toilet seat and its hinges. But first, you must choose the best toilet seat and quality hinges that hold the seat.Toilet seat design has been seen as a surge of innovation in recent years, despite not being cutting edge. So, if you’re looking to replace a toilet seat with an Ideal Standard Concept toilet seat, keep these factors in mind.


Close quietly: Gone are the days when toilet seats slammed shut. You can now choose a model with hinges that softly lower the seat

Moulded bumpers: The straightforward & straightforward benefit of moulded-in-place bumpers? They protect the toilet seat from damage, offer stability to the toilet seat, and reduce noise when the toilet lid is closed. 

Colour: Toilet seats are now available in a variety of colours. Leading toilet seat suppliers like My Charlotte Digital provide exclusive range of a colour selector tool to assist homeowners in sorting through the various options.


Cleaning: The easier it is to remove the seat for cleaning, the better. Look for a product that can be easily removed with just a screwdriver. Quick-release seats can be removed without any tools, allowing you to clean the toilet seat and the region around the hinges. 

Durability: Select the toilet seat with stainless steel or zinc-plated hinge posts, which won’t snap or corrode while holding the toilet seat in place. The most frequent used material for toilet seat is plastic. Plastic is also a durable substitute and more accessible to clean than wood, which is comfier.


Versatility: There are trainer types for kids with built-in removable potty seats, and some toilet seat models for senior adults have side arms with slip-resistant grips. 

Comfort:  If the idea of sitting on an ice-cold toilet seat in the winter makes you shiver, consider upgrading to a heated toilet seat. 

Safety: There are no substantial risks associated with replacing a toilet seat, but, as previously stated, it’s a good idea to clean the toilet thoroughly before beginning the work. To protect your hands from germs and bacteria, consider using nitrile gloves.


Take time to finalize the best Ideal Standard  toilet seat to fit your existing toilet seat. Never forget to consider the proper shape, size & type of material while selecting the toilet seat. You can contact My Toilet Spare to get the premier range of toilet seats, including Ideal Standard Concept toilet seats based on your toilet size, need & budget. For more information email at or call us at  1482291992 .

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