How Do You Schedule General Handyman Services for House Cleaning?

You know how stressful the house cleaning process is. The mess gets piled up in your home over time. You’ll always find something to clean – countertops, floors, sinks, laundry, tubs, etc.

Obviously, as a homeowner, you want to stay on top of it. But it seems really hard to do when you’re busy with work, family, friends, chores, etc. Sometimes you need some time for yourself.

If you’re thinking about scheduling general handyman services for house cleaning; but unsure how to approach them, here are a few useful tips discussed below:

Get a detailed estimate.

Ensure you know exactly how much the cleaning company is charging and what they exactly cover under this package. They can often add extra charges for cleaning things like windows, inside the refrigerator, oven, ceilings, or high shelves.

If you use the ChoreRelief handyman app, you can receive an instant quote by putting in important details regarding your home. You can include some extras like inside the fridge, inside the oven, and laundry. In the end, you’ll receive an estimate that you’ll have to pay.

Decide on cleaners.

Wherever you want to hire cleaning services, it’s necessary to ensure that you’re comfortable being around them and you know what you can expect in the cleaning package. It can be great if you discuss with them beforehand, and you should feel free to ask a few questions. You may ask for references from their previously served customers.

With ChoreRelief, it’s easy to find general handyman services, including house cleaning professionals in Chicago. All of the cleaners on the ChoreRelief app are highly experienced and background-checked professionals. You can go through the valuable reviews from previous customers and get a better overview of their cleaning services.

Let them know what you exactly want.

When your cleaner enters your home, you should make sure that you discuss what you want to be cleaned. You can walk them throughout your home and let them know the things that require special attention and care.

If you’re hiring the cleaning services for the very first time and are not sure what’s typical, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask the cleaner what they consider as a part of the standard cleaning process.

Sign up on a reliable handyman app.

Though there’s a huge availability of handyman apps right now, you should always go for a noteworthy handyman app like ChoreRelief. We know finding reliable, local cleaning services can be a chore. At ChoreRelief, we’ve done a lot of research and strive to make the hiring process as simple and effortless as possible.

Bottom Line –

Hiring a cleaning company is a good alternative to enjoy some quality time with near and dear ones and get a clean and tidy home. If you do want to try ChoreRelief, you can schedule cleaning services and get the cleaning done the way you prefer.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up on the ChoreRelief app and find the general handyman services near you in Chicago!

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