Top 3 Granite Countertop Colors For Your Kitchen

Top 3 Granite Countertop Colors For Your Kitchen

A kitchen with granite countertops can provide a high ROI when you want to sell it. It’s no secret that homebuyers emphasize on the kitchen, and many are very keen to spend extra money on homes with modified kitchens that make use of quality materials, such as granite. While selecting a granite countertop color, there’re several options beyond the typical grays, browns, and tans.

Listed below are some of our favourite granite countertop colors:

Black Granite Countertops: Sleek & Elegant:

Want your kitchen to look elegant? If yes, then install black granite countertops. Pair them with wood cabinets for a classic look, or match them with gray or white cabinets for a more sleek & modern look.

Since they’ll darken the space, black granite countertops are best recommended for rooms with large windows that bring in a great deal of natural light. If your kitchen does not receive a great amount of light but you still wish black granite, go for white cabinets to keep the space feeling bright and open.

Add a modern touch with white granite countertops:

White granite countertops promote a clean, open, fresh feel in the kitchen. They’re perfect for attaining a modern look, especially when paired with sleek white cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

White granite countertops are pretty versatile & can fit with the majority of decorations. However, ensure you give attention to the shade of the granite. Pure white granite is difficult to get, as most stone contains colored flecks. If probable, take a sample with you before buying to ensure its shades match with everything else in your kitchen.

Make a bold statement with red granite kitchen countertops:

Red granites has an affluent history. It was employed by Egyptians for building & decoration. Plus, it’s available in numerous shades & patterns, ranging from bright pinkish-red to deep burgundy. Also some red granites have white, silver or blue highlights.

Install red granite as the bold focal point of your kitchen. Keep other finishes neutral to refrain the room from feeling crowded. Go for wood cabinetry in warm tone to harmonize the red color. And make use of red accents, such as in the backsplash tile, to toe the space together.

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