Why More & More People Are Moving To Georgia

Why More & More People Are Moving To Georgia

Georgia is a wonderful place to dwell as evidenced by the 100,000 new residents that relocate here every year. The big cities in other states are overrated & overpriced! People appreciate our clean air, good food and laid back culture. It is the ideal place for college students to build their educational careers, young couples to enjoy romantic getaways, and families to raise their kids. If that isn’t enough to influence you that dwelling in Georgia is the best, listed below are a few good reasons you should relocate to Georgia instantly.

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Affordable housing & cost of living:

Georgia’s cost of living is lower than the national average. Not just low cost of living, but the housing prices in Georgia are very pocket-friendly. As one of the cheapest places to dwell in America, living in this southern state beats housing prices in any big city. Relying upon which region you prefer to live in & the quality of construction, there’s a wide array of expenses & affordable properties to attract to any lifestyle. The average housing cost is around $250,000 with the house values steadily increasing by the year. In 2022, housing costs witnessed an increase of 22.8% increase in prices from a year earlier. When relocating to the area, have your choice of single-family home or apartment complex.

Thriving job market:

As multiple Fortune 500 companies call Georgia home, there is no shortage of job opportunities. Some of the major companies operate here include Delta Airlines, UPS and The Home Depot.

For all the soda aficionados, the headquarters & museum of the Coca-Cola Company dwell in Atlanta. Initially developed as a health cure, Coca-Cola has turned out to be a globally recognized brand that was originally begun in Georgia.

Big firms like these have shifted to Georgia because of the accessibility to new markets, the low cost of business, and the incredible workforce training program available. The fashion industry had also made its mark in the state. The Americas Mart in Atlanta hosts one of the largest leading wholesale marketplaces in the country. Bringing in hundreds of fashion brands & thousands of wholesale buyers, the Atlanta wholesale market hosts home & apparel shows throughout the year. The extensive job market is perhaps the foremost reason people are moving to Georgia.

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