7 Steps for Safe & Hassle-free Hay Transport in Perth

7 Steps for Safe & Hassle-free Hay Transport in Perth

Basically, hay is grass, herbaceous plants and legumes. They are cut, dried and stored to be used as animal feeder later. Usually, hay is intended to feed large size animals like sheep, cattle, horses, and goats. Most domesticated rabbits and guinea pigs take hay as their food. Major portion of nutrition for these animals comes from hay. Hence, hay transportation plays a significant role in the agricultural industry. 

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If you want to transport hay, it’s necessary to get them delivered by one of the best hay transport companies in Perth. One of the most common ways to transport hay is by a trailer. No matter how many bales of hay you’re hauling or how you’re exactly hauling them, safety is the main priority. It’s necessary to drive the trailer safely. 

Apart from this, one of the most important things you should consider during hay transport process is to ensure that hay bales are loaded properly. If you don’t focus on safety, accidents can occur. They include people getting hit by runway trailers or falling loads. 

Please check out the useful steps to transport hay safely on trailers in Perth. 

  1. It’s highly suggested that you should park trailers in a safe place while loading hay. It will make sure that the trailer won’t roll away or overturn.
  2. You should always consider loading hay in a sequential way so that the load remains stable. You should never exceed acceptable gross and axle weights. 
  3. You should try to keep the heights of the load in the normal range and be prepared for overhead obstructions that you’re likely to encounter along the way. 
  4. Stacking hay should be done by either hands or a loading machine. You should make sure that everyone hears one another and waits for a response before moving the vehicle or the hay. 
  5. You should never allow anyone to ride on the trailer including the trailer drawbar. 
  6. It’s better to leave the load in the same place from loading to roping. A stacker may travel on a load for short distances; but should be positioned safely to avoid the risk of falling or collapsing load. 
  7. Hay can drop while loading. It’s necessary to keep surrounding area of the trailer clean. If a hay bale drops, you should never try to stop it. It is critical that hay bales are securely strapped to the trailer to ensure there is no lateral movement.

Bottom line –

The most important safety threat you’ll encounter while hauling hay on a trailer happens when the load isn’t secured properly. Excess loads can result in tipping trailer or injuring individuals by falling. To safeguard against such mishaps, you should always work with one of the best hay transport companies in Perth through LOGiST. 


We understand the difficulties that come along with hay transportation. LOGiST connects shippers and carriers ensuring the safe and hassle-free hay transport. We strive to simplify the hay transport by making the movement a lot easier and more affordable. For more information, please contact us today at 1300 563 045.

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