When Is It Time To Replace Your Toilet Seat?

Are you considering installing a new seat & lid on your toilet because your existing seat isn’t working correctly? You may not need a new bathroom at all! A toilet can often be fixed by adding a seat only! You can upgrade your toilet seat by adding a Keramag toilet seat cover another way. Keramag toilet seats are not very expensive and are easy to replace. If your old one is generating issue to your nerves for any reason, then you should probably go ahead to replace it with a new Keramag toilet seat. Here are a few reasons when you need to replace the toilet seat.


When You Move: It is sure that the previous occupants could have cleaned the seat before leaving. On the other hand, the average person spends one hour and 42 minutes every week on the toilet. If you lived in your house before you bought it, a family of four used the toilet seat for 354 hours per year. It will be more than enough to get a new one! It is recommended to include the fully-featured Keramag toilet seat cover for a comfortable toileting experience.


When Your Seat Moves. Do you find your toilet seat getting loose? It shouldn’t be. An open toilet seat has the potential to create safety and hygiene concerns. Repeatedly tightening your toilet seat is another clue that it’s time to change it. However, many of our seats, such as the Keramag toilet seats cover, never get loose. So you’ll be confident in using it too! Shop your Keramag toilet seat at My Toilet Spares today.


When Your Seat Breaks. Do you find your toilet seats get cracked due to specific unavoidable reasons? Do you know that the cracked toilet seats slow down its moving mechanism? It is also space for bacteria and sometimes pinches you. Adding a Keramag toilet seat can be a way to get rid of the situation, and it will add beauty to your bathroom. In addition, its innovative features make your life stress-free.


When the seat is stained: Do you find your toilet seat looks dirty & dingy or stained, or its shine or finish is worn off? Then, it is time to replace it with a new one. Keramag toilet seat cover could be your preferred choice as its slick design makes everyone in your family happy.


The colour or design is outdated: You have been using the toilet seat since childhood. Now it is getting outdated! It won’t look so good! So, you are planning to replace it. Why don’t you go with a premium quality Keramag toilet seat cover? It will not only make your toilet look inviting but gives a comfortable seating experience.


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