What to know before you rent a house in Old Airport in Addis Ababa

What to know before you rent a house in Old Airport in Addis Ababa

The process for renting an ideal home can be a long drawn one. So, at times it becomes natural to be excited when you find a house, which is affordable and ticks a few items in your checklist. However, before you sign the agreement and decide to move in, it is wise to consider certain aspects to avoid hassles later on.

Here we discuss what you need to know before you select a house. The first thing you need to do is to be a member of a reputed property portal to find houses for rent in the old airport in Addis Ababa.

Houses for Rent in Old Airport Addis Ababa

Make a prioritized checklist

You definitely have a checklist, but that list is not according to which aspects you need to look at first. So you need to segregate the list into must-have and need to have. Doing this will help you to; select the best house for rent from the options you notice in the property portal. If you do not have a car, a garage is not essential, but if you have a pet, you need to ask the landlord if you are allowed to keep a pet.

Understand the neighbours

We are social people so it is best to know whom and how the people are who will be your neighbours. For example, you need to see if they are family with kids or senior citizens who love a quiet atmosphere. You can either ask the property owner or talk with the neighbours directly to find for you.

Have a look at the area at night

The character of an area changes at night falls. You can talk a walk or drive through the area to ascertain this. First, you need to find if the neighbourhood is quiet at night or noisy. Next, you need to find out if the streetlights are working. You also need to notice if people are in the street at night. Seeing these, you can have a feel of how safe the area is. You also need to know if there are pubs and cafes nearby. This will help you to know the noise level that you have to live with.

Houses for Rent in Old Airport Addis Ababa

Know if you can decorate

Some property owners do not allow decorating the rooms by a renter. Therefore, you need to ask the property owner whether you have permission to decorate the house according to your taste after renting. It is better to clear this doubt before signing the agreement rather than arguing afterwards.

Have a look at the safety and maintenance

It would be best if you ascertained how safe the house itself is for residing. You need to have a look at the locks and other safety features in place. You also need to know who is responsible for the maintenance of the house. You also need to know in case of any emergency whom you should call and how quick the services are.

Houses for Rent in Old Airport Addis Ababa

Rental agreement

You must have decided to rent a particular house by now, and it is time to sign the agreement. It is best to sit with the authorities of the property portal to understand the intricacies of the contract. There will be specific legal terms, which they will understand better than you will. If they affirm, then go ahead and sign the agreement.

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