How are Artificial Grass Lawns Safe for Kids and Pets?

Artificial grass lawns are replacing natural grass across America. You may have probably seen a few of the artificial lawn installations in your area. Isn’t the synthetic turf look so realistic? Are you thinking of installing synthetic turf in your backyard? As a parent and pet owner, do you want to know how safe is the artificial lawn?

Let us discuss what makes the best artificial grass a safe choice for the kids, furry friends, and the whole family!

Artificial Grass Lawns

Artificial grass turf is soft:
High-quality artificial turf will never give you the feel of fake grass. The artificial lawn is soft, lush, and gentle for both delicate feet and paws.

The installation process of artificial lawns helps in getting rid of most yard debris. For instance, it removes sharp rocks, grass seeds, and other hazards that can hurt the feet of your loved ones.

The artificial grass creates a comfortable and soft space where kids and pets can run, jump and play the entire day.

Artificial grass turf provides fall protection:
Fall protection is one of the top reasons homes, schools, and childcare facilities replacing natural grass with synthetic turf. Artificial grass turf eliminates the slip and fall issues. The artificial turf fibers provide stable footing even when there is moisture on the surface. It ensures your child can play safely without the risk of getting hurt due to slip and fall.

Artificial grass turf keeps away the pests:
Have you ever dealt with nasty mosquito bites or flea infestation? With a real grass lawn, it’s only a matter of time before insects and pests crash the party.

Your kids and dogs rarely encounter pests on a synthetic lawn.
Switching to artificial grass turf protects your children and dogs from most pests and insects. On an artificial lawn, the pests or insects can never find shelter, food, and water to grow. It helps in keeping the pests and insects away from your yard.

Artificial grass turf is non-toxic:
High-quality artificial turf is made out of safe, lead-free materials. Compared to real grass, you never have to treat a synthetic turf with herbicides, pesticides, and weedicides. It eliminates the risk of your children or pet coming into contact with these poisonous substances. Your artificial lawn stays evergreen and lush without any harmful treatments.

Artificial grass turf has anti-bacterial protection:
Artificial turf’s anti-bacterial feature helps repel bacteria. This safety feature or artificial turf ensures a clean lawn and a safer home.

Artificial grass turf is a durable play surface:
Children and pets are rough on grass. The children may jump, stomp, run and play hard on the artificial turf. Are you worried these activities will ruts, create dips, and other injury-causing imperfections on your lawn? Do not worry! The artificial grass turf is durable enough to deal with children playing activities and heavy foot traffic.

Nothing happens to the artificial turf. For instance, the dog cannot dig through the turf or rip out the fibers, neither the children damage the turf by tumbling or jumping around.

Artificial grass turf is the best play surface for your kids and pets that is safe and needs less maintenance. Installing artificial turf provides you a forever green and lush lawn that compliments your property.

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