What Should You Know Before Using Allergy Proof Pillow Cover

What Should You Know Before Using Allergy Proof Pillow Cover

Do you feel uncomfortable all night and wake up with itchy eyes or a stuffy nose? It can be a sign of allergy reactions. The allergens from the pillow might be the cause that triggers allergy symptoms. If you want to have a hygienic and anti-allergenic sleeping experience, consider using allergy proof pillow cover.

Allergy proof pillow cover creates a barrier between you and the pillow. Using an anti-allergy pillow protector to encase your pillow would protect you from contact with allergens that are pre-existed in the pillow.

What Intervenes to Make Things Worse at Night?

Best Allergy Pillow Protectors

All night tossing, turning, and sniffling would negatively impact the quality of your sleep. Pillows used in households, hotels, hospitals and public accommodation facilities can be a source of allergens and microbes that contribute to or exacerbate pathologies such as allergies, asthma, chronic sinusitis and other respiratory-related illnesses. Conventional pillowcases are made from porous materials that create an environment in which allergens accumulate. That material cannot block out moisture from ambient air or the sleeper’s breather or saliva. Dandruff and dead skin cells can permeate generic pillowcase material and accumulate in or on the pillow, which becomes one of the food chains for the bacteria to gown. In addition, a typical pillowcase does not fully enclose the pillow. Thus, contaminants can establish colonies inside the pillow and even allow for airborne transfer contaminants to freely pass between the pillow and the user. All these issues would negatively impact your health and quality of sleep. When you sleep on a soiled or contaminated pillow, it triggers allergies.

Dust mites or Germs

Best Allergy Pillow Protector

Dust mites or germs are not visible to the naked eye. They are tiny enough to pass through generic pillowcases and would contact sleepers, which would trigger allergy and asthma symptoms.


Allergens create disturbance and impair your sleep quality.

Why You Need an Anti-Allergy Pillow Protector?

If your health and sleep are vital for you, it is the right time to buy the best allergy pillow protector! It safeguards your health and ensures a hygienic and anti-allergenic sleeping experience.

Encased your pillow with allergy proof pillow protector would prevent the troublesome symptoms!

How to Get Allergy Pillow Cover?

When looking for a reliable allergy proof pillow cover, you can rely on Sleep Armour! We provide superior quality disposable anti-allergenic pillow covers. Our disposable anti-allergenic pillow cover meets PPE parameters and acts as a protective barrier between the user and the pillow. You can use our soft, breathable allergy free pillow cover to enjoy worry-free sleep. Whether sleep at home, hospital, hotel, cruise line, guestroom or Airbnb, consider using Sleep Armour Disposable Hygienic And Anti-allergenic Pillow Protector.

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