What Is My Best Option? A Handyman or A Contractor

Your list of incomplete house repairs is growing and you require a pro to aid get everything done. But who should you opt with, a contractor or a handyman?

Both kinds of experts provide an array of helpful services to aid you in finishing home improvement projects, maintenance, and repairs. 

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However, contractors and handypersons are better fit for particular home improvement projects, so it is critical to comprehend the differences between these two experts. 

Handyman services:

A handyman is a repair expert who is competent in finishing basic plumbing, electrical wiring, cabinetry, interior and exterior lighting, general upkeep, and more. 

What are the pros of appointing a handyman service?

Appointing a handyman near me in Chicago is generally more cost-effective than appointing a specialized expert for a home improvement project. Handypersons possess broad repair skills that can be applied to a range of odd jobs; they can accomplish many different sorts of repair or maintenance projects in the same visit, saving you substantial money and time. 

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You can opt with a handyman near me Chicago for jobs such as:

  • Repair drywall
  • Painting a room or making touch ups
  • Plumbing, like unclogging a drain
  • Lay down flooring
  • Mount a TV securely
  • Fixing a squeaky floor
  • Repair exterior and interior lighting fixtures
  • Hand cabinets, artwork, or other heavy items. 

Contractor services:

A contractor usually acts as a renovation “Project Manager,” offering proficiency in restoration licensing requirements and managing all of the details for large-scale remodeling projects with multiple stages, equipment, and subcontractors. 

What are the advantages of hiring a contractor?

A contractor will aid take care of all the details for a substantial home renovation, including securing supplies & managing sub-contractors. 

Opt with a contractor when you wish to:

  • Add a new room
  • Remodel a bathroom or kitchen
  • Refinish your basement
  • Install complex exterior or interior lighting systems
  • Set up a new HVAC system
  • Handle significant plumbing or electrical repairs

Both a contractor and a handyperson can aid you in maintaining your house and finishing critical repairs – the key is knowing the scope of your envisioned home improvement project and picking the right repair expert accordingly. 

Irrespective of which repair pro you appoint, you must stick with a few best practices. This encompasses a meticulous evaluation of your project objectives & budget through background research on available repair service professionals, referrals from reliable sources, and quotes from multiple service providers to compare and choose the best. 

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