What is a roll-up garage door, and why you need professional service for it

What is a roll-up garage door, and why you need professional service for it

All most all garages, regardless of look, form or size, predominantly serves the same purpose. Similarly, the roll-up garage door fulfils the purpose of keeping your cars & other valuables safe and keeps them away from the elements. Apart from multiple garage doors, roll-up garage doors are the way to go if you’re looking at functionality and durability. Its exclusive door designs, smooth lifting process & more space consumption feature, make it more popular among home & business owners.

Roll-up doors are the most commonly used garage doors that you will find in-home and commercial places in Washington DC and other parts of the USA. These doors are made out of horizontal steel or aluminum sheets that roll up on top of the door. The design of rolling steel doors makes them ideal for garages with limited ceiling space. It can be from 7 feet by 8 feet and can be extended to as large as 20 feet in width and height. Most roll-up doors come with ratchet tensioners, radial ball bearings, door latches, and stops as standard fittings.

The roll-up doors are visually pleasing & are made out of good quality steel or aluminum materials. They are capable of going smoothly without giving way. They are built to be durable, best for daily wear and tear, and also offer protection against heavy rainfall, ice, hail, and wind as well without rusting. Major roll-up door models are backed by wind load guarantee, making them excellent choices for areas that experience strong winds and hurricanes. For this reason, roll-up garage doors are a great choice to secure your commercial space. Hence it is the most widely used commercial service door as well.

Home & business owners like to call a professional roll-up garage door service in Washington DC regarding for safe and secure installation or repair or maintenance. It is because the roll up garage door includes several hazardous parts, and dealing with such mechanisms needs professional skill & expertise. A do-it-yourself repair gone wrong can end in disaster! Instead of saving a few bucks, you could end up causing more damage to your roll-up garage door. It is always wise to contact a specialized team to deal with the garage door rather than fix the problem yourself. If you suspect there’s a problem with your roll-up garage door, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Request a roll-up garage door service from a reliable company that have expert technician to keep you stay worry-free. Here are some of the many repair services that they provide:

  • Broken spring replacement
  • Track alignment, repair, replacement
  • horizontal steel or aluminum plates replacement
  • spring alignment
  • Spring replacement
  • Opener repair or replacement
  • Garage door tune-ups and safety inspections
  • Entire garage door replacement

    When it comes to providing state-of-the-art roll-up doors that fuse quality with durability, no one knows better than Washington DC Garage Door. They are the Washington DC-based company and backed by cutting-edge service perfect for all kinds of jobs relating to installation, repair & maintenance of all types of roll-up doors. Call them today for a free quote.

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